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   Chapter 1462 The Origins

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The number one weapon refiner in the universe. What an awe-inspiring reputation.

These juniors were ignorant and ill-informed, and never had heard of the name of Livingston, but they were greatly shocked.

The puppet was furious, but he turned his nose up in the air.

Many of the martial artists stared at him in a daze, including Zen.

"The number one weapon refiner in the universe?"

"Don't give yourself airs. What I see before me is just a lousy puppet. How dare you claim to be the number one weapon refiner?"

"It's known to all that among all clans in the universe, the number one weapon refiner is Delroy Xu from the Celestial Position."

Weapon refiners played a significant role in the world of martial artists. The sacred places of all the races had their own weapon refiners, but first-class refiners were apparently rare. The Universe Spirit Tablet was often modified because of the existence of these refiners.

The title 'number one weapon refiner of the universe' fell like thunder upon the ears of most martial artists.

There was no question that the number one weapon refiner of the universe was Delroy Xu. No one dared to doubt that. The reason for it was obvious. The supreme divine weapons ranked from one to ten on the Spirit Tablet had all been refined by Delroy alone.

They were all puzzled about this puppet and could hardly believe him when he said that he was the number one weapon refiner in the universe.

"I'm not boasting! I am Livingston! Go and ask your elders. I..." Livingston exclaimed dramatically, waving his arms about. However, as he spoke, his voice became softer and softer. After a while, he was no longer able to move at all and his voice once again became inaudible.

Perhaps the life vitality jade that Zen gave him was completely used up now.

"The puppet is fascinating. I will bring him to Magnolia Sacred Place to study him." A human martial artist smiled as he stepped forward, holding ten life vitality jades in his hands. He wanted to supplement the jades for the puppet.

He was clever. The puppet might have been found and unearthed by Zen, but it seemed that he had his own thoughts. Thus, he could be classified as a living being.

This way, it was up to the puppet to decide whom he wanted to follow.

The human martial artist handed over ten life vitality jades to Livingston, trying to please him. If he persuaded the puppet to leave with him, Zen would presumably not stop him.

However, he had only taken a few steps when one of his legs got stuck to the ground. He was unable to move any farther. Zen stared at the human martial artist indifferently. Although there was no killing intent in his gaze, the human martial artist did no

pon refining workshop in the fairy palace.

The workshop was yet to open, but as Zen's cultivation level increased, he would once again set foot in the True Path. By then, he would need Livingston's help after obtaining the token to open the workshop.

It did not matter whether or not Livingston was the number one weapon refiner in the universe. If he was able to refine so many divine weapons, his refining skills and techniques must be extraordinary. He was also a puppet, which was a fact that appealed to Zen. If his origins had been different, or if he had been a refiner from a large clan, Zen would probably not have considered taking him to the fairy palace.

Thinking of this, Zen smiled. "Do you still want to refine weapons?"

"Of course, I was born to refine weapons. If I didn't refine weapons, I would have long been dead!" Livingston's voice rose to a crescendo once again.

Zen did not expect Livingston to be so excited at his proposal, so he was a bit speechless. "If that's the case, I know of a weapon workshop where you can put your superiority into full play."

"A weapon workshop? Ha-ha!" Livingston sniffed arrogantly. "There is no refining workshop in the universe that could accommodate me." He paused for some seconds before continuing, "However, I can make do with it."

Livingston changed his attitude abruptly. Because he was addicted to weapon refining, he could not be too picky about his place of work. However, he still had his pride. He turned up his noses at ordinary places.

Zen did not bother to waste more words with Livingston. He straightaway grabbed him and stuffed him into the spirit beast bag. Living beings could not exist in the Sumeru Space, but Livingston's soul was in the puppet, so he would have to stay in the spirit beast bag for the time being.

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