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   Chapter 1460 Ancient Treasures

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The warrior lost control of his faculties as the Snow Demon took over his body like a string puppet.

Although the human warrior was at the Spirit Supreme Realm, the Snow Demon who occupied his body probably couldn't even unleash at least ten percent of his strength.

Lavender had previously given a firm order, and Zen didn't hesitate to comply. After the Snow Demon had occupied the human warrior, he could no longer be considered human.

His legs turned to jelly as he swayed and grasped the long sword with some difficulty, He wanted to resist those three Nether God Shadows, but the Snow Demon couldn't even draw out his life vitality. How could he resist then?

In the blink of an eye, the warrior's body dropped dead, courtesy of the three Nether God Shadows.

After Zen was finished with the warrior, he once again focused on Freya.

While Lavender wasn't worried, Zen still checked up on Freya just in case. After all, being possessed by a Snow Demon was equivalent to death. One couldn't blame Zen for being worried that Freya wouldn't get to escape from the Snow Demon's illusion.

But just as he turned his head, he saw a blast of cold energy which suddenly burst out from between Freya's fingers. A stream of blood from her fingertip immediately followed.

Suddenly, her body twitched and her eyes opened. Her lids fluttered to reveal a gaze as clear as water. When she saw Zen looking at her concernedly, she smiled and said, "I'm fine."

Zen couldn't help but be surprised as he eyed Freya's wounded finger with confusion. "What's this?" he asked.

"Just now, I was afraid that the Snow Demon would bewitch me, so I formed an ice spike using my life vitality. Then I held onto it. If I didn't melt the ice spike within five minutes, it would explode," Freya explained.

It was known that the Snow Demon could build an illusionary land for warriors where they could immerse themselves in wonderful dreams, and then used this opportunity to devour their souls and occupy their bodies.

However, Freya's little trick had worked. The moment she felt the pain, she would have a chance to break out of the Snow Demon's illusion.

Zen couldn't help but admire her. He realized that even though Freya wasn't particularly strong, she was quite intelligent. She knew how to make use of small tricks, and those tricks could prove significant in critical moments.

At that point, more and more warriors regained their consciousness.

While the Snow Demon was fierce, the warriors who had already come this far had strong warrior spirits, which meant that they could shake off the illusion anytime soon.

Most of the warriors still struggled to get out of the Snow Demon's illusion, but a few of them unfortunately lost themselves and were possessed by the Snow Demons. Th

limit once the divine textures had been inscribed on them. Some extraordinary divine weapons might be able to stay the same after a million years, but after hundreds of millions of years, they too weren't spared from the corrosion of time. In fact, all of them weren't even considered "ancient treasures" now.

No wonder Lavender had left the cave after she looked around.

However, some warriors weren't willing to leave empty-handed. Perhaps they would not be able to make it to the next cave, and weapons were what they needed the most. After a moment of hesitation, they soon dug through the treasures, in hopes of finding something special.

Many of the warriors rummaged through the mountain pile of various weapons, and picked one weapon after another.

Once they were satisfied, they placed the weapons into their space rings, even if they knew that the weapons were all just scrap metal. Although the ancient treasures had lost their magic and weren't worth much, they still had a certain collection value. But of course, their collection value was also low.

Freya blinked, and joined in the search as well.

On the other hand, Zen did not join them. It wasn't that he looked down on such things, but he still had a little doubt.

Were these ancient treasures really the Supreme Lord's inheritance? From the looks of it, something wasn't right. The Supreme Lord had meticulously planned out the Endless Abyss, and then spent a lot of effort spreading the keys and methods that could open the underground palace throughout the entire universe. He would've foreseen that the weapons he had left behind would definitely become a pile of junk after hundreds of millions of years.

However, the Supreme Lord still did it despite knowing that it was the case. After Zen thought about it for a while, he felt that there was something fishy going on.

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