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   Chapter 1459 Experience

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The interaction between the Genuine Dragon and the Demon Night was not much.

Granted, the cyan dragon inside Zen had already known Lavender for quite some time now and naturally understood her personality more.

Despite being already a hundred thousand years old, Lavender was nothing more than a child in the cyan dragon's eyes whose emotions he could predict just by looking at her face.

And right now, she was clearly dissatisfied with Snow Demon's appearance as Yan.

Ever since she ascended the throne, Lavender had been heralded as the Demon Night's killing symbol that struck fear into the hearts of outsiders.

Elena was her counterpart. She represented the Demon Night's law and enacted punishment against clansmen who committed heinous crimes.

A queen's ascension was always significant as those who took the throne would also become a symbol for the entire race. It was even said that a Demon Night queen was tainted with a trace of divinity.

After countless years, Lavender was no longer just an ordinary queen though she also could not be considered a True God. Still, the Demon Night regarded her as a goddess: all-powerful and mighty. However, despite being a pseudo-divine, it seemed Lavender showcased a very human emotion: liking Zen.

Even the cyan dragon was surprised at this realization. However, it had nothing to do with him so he just let it be for now. Right now, the Snow Demon had caught Zen in its grasp and was a witness to the young man's greatest weakness. The cyan dragon only hoped that Zen would be able to work it out for himself as soon as possible.

The illusion wasn't fully the Snow Demon's work. All it really did was to build up the foundations by digging out a person's greatest desire. The rest of the picture would be supplied by the person himself who then essentially painted his own fantasy.

And Zen's deepest desire painted the most beautiful picture of warmth and serenity. It was around sunset and the entire Luo residence was covered with faint, orange light.

Zen was on the roof of the mansion with a serene view of the C County laid out before him. There were no fights and no noisy rackets, but just him, his family, and this peaceful, wonderful view.

He couldn't remember the last time he experienced such peace and silence. The past few years had been hard on him as he spent every waking moment trying to strengthen himself and gain power. His life had been nothing but a constant uphill climb and the summit didn't seem to be anywhere near.

Yan sat beside him, flipp

the Snow Demon pretended was taller than the real one and was undeniably more handsome.

It is often said that we often idealize the people we like. Those we hold dear in our hearts, for example, would always appear more handsome in our minds than they do in real life. If we hate a person, however, then the opposite would apply: they would look uglier instead.

Zen didn't realize Freya thought of him that way which embarrassed him a bit.

"What do we do now?" he asked, trying to divert the topic. "Do we wake them up or wait until they break free?"

The Snow Demon hadn't done any sort of harm to Zen. However, that didn't mean that it wasn't dangerous. If a person let his heart be confused by the monster then his soul would be devoured entirely. The only thing that would be left behind was his body which would then serve as an empty shell for the Snow Demon's possession.

"Let's wait. Snow Demon can confuse people but I think they all have a high chance of breaking free from their illusions," Lavender advised.

At that moment, a warrior suddenly opened his eyes and a strange smile broke through his face. He let out a burst of shrill, feminine laughter and summoned a long sword to his hand before charging straight towards Freya.

"That warrior! He's already been occupied by the Snow Demon! He can no longer be considered as a human! Kill him," Lavender ordered.

Even before Lavender said that Zen had already known that there was something wrong.

He quickly reached out and grabbed onto Freya to pull her beside him. There was a bright flash of light just as he took out his sword from his space ring and sent forth three Nether God Shadows towards the warrior.

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