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   Chapter 1458 Snow Demon

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Suddenly, a feminine laughter came from the chilling abyss, making all the martial artists nervous once again.

"This sound… Where did it come from?" a warrior asked worriedly.

Everyone heard the soft laughter but nobody could tell where it was coming from…

"Hee hee…"

Immediately, everyone heard the sound again.

The soft laughter rose and fell, echoing in everyone's ears.

"What the hell is that?" an ogre martial artist roared incredulously.

Nobody answered his question; not because they didn't want to, but because no one knew where it was coming from!

Zen's expression was wary, but he still asked in his mind, "What is that?"

Lavender hesitated for a moment, then replied, "If I remember correctly, it must be the Snow Demon…"

"The Snow Demon?" Zen's eyes flashed.

Lavender smiled faintly and said, "The Snow Demon won't pose much of a threat to you."

While he was pondering over Lavender's words, a white shadow flashed before his eyes, before disappearing into the depths of the abyss!

It was not only Zen who saw the quick flash of the white shadow, everyone else saw it, too.

"What is that? This white thing seems to be circling us!" shouted a warrior.

"Snow Demon! I know it! This damned thing can only exist in the frozen land… Isn't the Snow Demon a kind of evil creature, which only exists in the Snow World!?" another fighter yelled in panic.

As soon as the martial artist finished speaking, white shadows emerged from the walls of the abyss one after another. They seemed to have no fixed form and could freely travel through space, and these white Snow Demons maintained the same speed as the warriors. They circled the crowd of martial artists, getting closer and closer to them!

"Everyone be careful! The Snow Demons can take over people's souls, and make people lose themselves!" reminded another warrior.

"Ha-ha! This damned thing can make me lose myself? What a joke!" roared an ogre martial artist. With a wave of his hand, he threw out a saw-toothed rotating wheel.

The rotating wheel had sharp saw teeth embedded all around it, and it spun towards a Snow Demon. However, it only penetrated the Snow Demon's body lightly, and did not cause any damage to it!

The Snow Demon was a famous evil creature in the Snow World. It could transform into different forms and was able to know the most important person to a warrior. It would then transform into that person to mislead the warrior. If a warrior was enchant

man. Although he was determined to find Yan, he did not know when he would meet her again. Facing the fake 'Yan', he could not help but want to see her more…

Zen's heart softened. At that moment, a flaw appeared in his state of mind.

At the same time, the Snow Demon's eyes suddenly shone with a dreamy color…

When the dreamy color flashed, Zen's eyes also reflected the same color. He was completely lost in the illusion. Zen's entire body was blankly falling down.

Lavender was still curled up within Zen's body, doing nothing to stop this.

But the cyan dragon spoke up to him at this time, "Why didn't you remind Zen? He should have avoided getting lost in this illusion."

Snow Demons might be a deadly existence for martial artists with weak warrior spirits, but for a martial artist like Zen, they were not too much of a problem. Especially since he still had Lavender, the cyan dragon and other dragons in his body to help him.

The cyan dragon remained silent, but that did not mean he did not pay attention to Zen. However, since Lavender was very familiar with the Endless Abyss, it was her place to advise Zen. The cyan dragon naturally did not interfere too much.

But Lavender hadn't stopped Zen. Instead, she just let him get immersed in the illusion created by the Snow Demon. This confused the cyan dragon.

Lavender smiled faintly and replied, "That was Zen's own choice. Since he misses his sister, just let him stay in the illusion for a bit longer and I believe that he will be able to come out by himself…"

After hearing this, the cyan dragon couldn't help but roll his eyes, which were emitting a mighty aura.

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