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   Chapter 1457 Human Pyramid (Part Two)

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However, this time, just as the two diamond-shaped ice crystals appeared, two crisp sounds also rang out. A green light and a purple light shot towards the diamond-shaped ice crystals at the same time. The accuracy was unmistakable.

"Clank! Clank!"

Following the two crisp sounds, the two diamond-shaped ice crystals instantly exploded and shattered outward into streaks of cold air before disappearing from everyone's sight.

The archers were now two women of the Demon Night.

Although the many warriors were competitors in this abyss, everyone could only go further by working together. When faced with the threat of the diamond-shaped ice crystals, enemies had to become friends, and fight for a common goal - survival.

As they were continuing to fall, all the warriors had now understood this principle. Facing those diamond-shaped ice crystals, they didn't hold back their strength anymore. Every one of the warriors was now accepting the responsibility for destroying the dangerous diamond-shaped ice crystals.

Whenever the diamond-shaped ice crystals flew over, someone would always take the initiative to smash them into pieces. The ones who contributed the most were not humans, but those from the Demon Night. Although the warriors of the Demon Night were good at different kinds of weapons, the most common weapon they used was a bow and arrows. Almost everyone of their warriors was equipped with a longbow. Hence, they had a reputation for proficiency in shooting which was unmatched among their human and ogre counterparts.

At the beginning, there was only one or two diamond-shaped ice crystals, but soon, the number of these dangerous hazards began to increase exponentially. Surviving the gauntlet of the rising diamond-shaped ice crystals was becoming even more dangerous now.

Three, four…

They were all trying to shelter themselves behind Zen now.

Not only the human warriors, but also the ones of the Demon Night and the ogres, were also coming, one after the other. They formed a straight line, as if they were a living pyramid, during the rapid descent.

Looking at the neatly arranged pyramid above his head, a helpless smile appeared on Zen's face. He couldn't blame these guys for taking advantage of the situation. Arranged like this, they would indeed avoid a lot of trouble. There was safety to be secured in this pattern. All Zen needed to do was to break the diamond-shaped ice crystals that had shot up from the bottom.

Therefore, with Zen as the leader and apex, this pyramid formed by humans, ogres and Demon Night members continued plummeting downwards at top speed.

After about an hour, the number of diamond-shaped ice crystals began to decrease. Although the surrounding cold energy was still high and copious, the temperature had also increased by quite a bit. Things were definitely looking up for them.

It seemed that they had passed through this round of trial. However, just as everyone's mood was slightly released and tensions faded, a soft laughter suddenly rang out.

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