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   Chapter 1456 Human Pyramid (Part One)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 6079

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The Endless Abyss in the underground palace seemed to be much easier to pass than those legendary dangerous places of similar renown in the Upper World.

This abyss was constructed by the Supreme Lord from remote ages through substantial effort. These warriors even saw this underground palace as a trial, where they could obtain golden opportunities and precious treasures. It was a means for testing themselves, and finding their measures.

However, only now did they realize that they had seriously miscalculated.

Anyone who was not careful in this abyss would immediately be killed!

After the warrior was ripped into pieces, his broken limbs fell down above everyone's heads. As they descended relatively slower than those alive warriors, the warriors were constantly below the bloody shower which followed them.

"Another one!" a fighter screamed with a note of fear in his voice.

Just as the voice rang out, the crowd heard a whistling sound coming from below, heading straight for them. It grew in intensity as the noise drew near.

However, Zen was on the left side of the abyss at this time, and the diamond-shaped ice crystal was only the size of a person. So it seemed that he would not get hit by the diamond-shaped ice crystal.

There were dozens of warriors falling down in the abyss at the same time, and the diamond-shaped ice crystals were rising at a much faster speed. Even if they noticed the diamond-shaped ice crystals, it would not be easy to dodge them during their descent. There was little room for them to maneuver.

Previously, as they were passing through the Blade Mountain Trap, they had maintained a careful distance from the walls of the abyss. When several giant blades appeared, they would nimbly adjust their positions by pushing the abyss walls. But now there were i

towards Freya. Zen had collected a lot of pills in his space ring. That was a Heating Pill, which was able to catalyze one's life vitality and emit a great amount of heat, although it was not a high level pill. Freya practiced the cultivation method of the ice attribute, but the cold energy emitted from the diamond-shaped ice crystal had still been too much for her to take. Her body was shaking heavily from the chill, and she gratefully accepted the Heating Pill.

Although the cold energy of this diamond-shaped ice crystal was terrifying and its speed was difficult to dodge, it was only an ice crystal after all. As long as one didn't come into contact with it, you could easily survive it by shattering it in advance. It was simply a matter of avoiding the ice, and remaining alert.

Everyone had already gotten ready again for the approaching diamond-shaped ice crystals. Some of the human warriors pulled out a row of flying knifes in their hands. As for the warriors of the Demon Night, they all took out their bows.

"Shoop! Shoop!"

Accompanied by two whistling sounds, two more diamond-shaped ice crystals shot out from the bottom of the abyss! Their frigid shapes were quickly approaching.

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