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   Chapter 1455 Freezing Cold

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Lavender had high hopes for Zen.

To be exact, she didn't just have high hopes, she had placed her entire faith in him.

It wasn't because he was the only person in the universe who could help her. Lavender knew well that she could contact her old subordinates once she ascended to the Upper World. She'd even be able to ask help from Supreme Lord Leroy.

However, there was just that gut feeling inside of her that knew Zen would be the one to ultimately help her regain her throne.

Opening the entrance of the underground palace might have been coincidence or it might also be another manifestation of Zen's incredible luck.

Lavender remembered her own journey within the abyss of the underground palace in the past. She hadn't been able to pass the fourth round which was a great pity on her part. This underground palace in the Dark World held a lot of secrets, some even more special than others and she failed to uncover them at that time.

That was why Lavender added those words.

However, all Zen did was nod and that was when she knew that her worries had all been unnecessary.

She should know by now that Zen wasn't someone who gave up easily.

She had not forgotten his trial back at the Killing Sword Mountain where each step was torture and took everything from him. However, even if Zen consistently reached his limit, he never backed down.

He was someone who never gave up, someone who gave it his all and then some more. There had been no need to remind him.

Lavender was the Demon Night race's sharpest sword. She had led her entire race to conquer many supreme worlds. Each step she took was tinged with the blood of her enemies.

She wasn't warm, far from it. Lavender was cold and ruthless-a hardened killer but there was this sense of relief every time she shrank into Zen's body. There was just this feeling of security she had with him.

Falling into this Endless Abyss meant endless and unexpected dangers for all of them. A split-second distraction was all it took for one to lose his life, however, Lavender did not feel the slightest bit of worry. And that was all because of him-Zen.


The aforementioned young man wasn't aware of the things currently running through Lavender's head. He was way too focused on his fall.

The previous Blade Mountain Trap hadn't posed that much a threat but that only meant that things were about to turn up a notch soon enough.

If he ever felt t

ronments but this was a whole new level of extreme. Those who really couldn't take it had used the divine texture to return. The potential of finding great treasure was tempting but temptation could only push one so far. Not many people were willing to risk their lives just for mere precious trinkets after all.

For those that remained, they held onto the hope that they would soon pass through this area. However, just as they were thinking it was all going to be over, a diamond-shaped ice crystal with the size of a human suddenly appeared below them!


The appearance of this huge diamond-shaped crystal caused Zen to feel as if his brain was about to freeze from the intense cold!

His reaction time was much slower and it was only when the crystal was around fifty to sixty feet away from him did Zen realize what was happening! He quickly twisted his body and dodged the oncoming projectile!

He was lucky to have avoided it, as did Lincoln and Freya.

However, a human warrior had been too slow.

An ordinary ice crystal wasn't too dangerous. Even one that was the size of a mountain wouldn't pose that much harm to a hardened warrior.

However, this was not an ordinary crystal. The moment it made contact with the unfortunate warrior's skin, the crystal immediately froze him and smashed his body into pieces from the sheer impact!


It was a terrible sound, like a piece of shattering glass or porcelain.

The sight horrified many. Zen, and most of the warriors in the abyss sported grave expressions on their faces upon realizing the gravity of danger their lives were currently in.

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