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   Chapter 1454 A Loop (Part Two)

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With regards to the other ogre warriors, their hearts had obviously been brimming with so much anger after they witnessed how Zen had completely disgraced their companion by throwing the items he had within his space ring all over the ground. Out of all races, the ogre warriors could probably be considered as the most prideful one. If they could bring honor to their race, they would have no qualms about putting their lives on the line. Meeting their death while standing on the battlefield would even be a great honor.

In spite of feeling that way deep in their hearts, at the moment, not a single one of them could muster up the courage to anger Zen. No one could even hold him responsible for anything.

"Let's go ahead. Refining this icy lotus should be of huge benefit to you," Zen told Freya, letting out a soft smile before turning around and walking away.

Nodding her head in response, Freya stored the icy lotus in her space ring and proceeded to follow after Zen. As she walked by the remains of the ogre warrior, she saw up close what a mess was left all over the ground. In that pile, there were many rare and precious objects, and the hundreds of life vitality jades scattered all over was in no way a meager amount of wealth.

A tinge of hesitation crept onto her face. Considering that the ogre warrior had died at the hands of Zen, these items now technically belonged to him. So, wouldn't it be such a waste to leave them lying on the ground?

In any case, Zen didn't pick them up, so she opted not to take anything from it as well. That was the least she could

ined to Zen in great detail.

Nodding his head in response to what she said, Zen was finally able to wrap his head around the concept and find out more about the Endless Abyss.

"You might not have realized it yet, but after what you have been through so far, you've actually already completed one full lap around this loop. Of course, after that comes the second lap," Lavender added.

"All in all, how many laps did you make back then?" Zen asked straightforwardly.

"Four laps. When I reached the fourth lap, the things I had to come face to face with became much too dangerous, so I had to give up," Lavender flatly answered.

Despite merely being at the Spirit Supreme Realm at that point, Lavender had actually become a queen already. She was quite an honorable queen that she even held sway over the Supreme Lords of the Demon Night, so she by no means lacked any sort of resources. It was due to her being concerned of her own safety that she decided to just give up.

"However, you can't give up this time," Lavender went on and added.

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