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   Chapter 1453 A Loop (Part One)

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The moment Zen decided to face the ogre warrior's hammer head-on, a lot of people thought that he had lost his mind.

Because essentially, in a situation such as this one, the odds of winning were completely against a Soul Sea Realm warrior.

In the general run of things, when human warriors engaged in battle with ogres, they would opt to think of something else and would in no way face the enemies head-on.

That being said, at this moment, a strand of cold light manifested on Zen's Thunder Wind Divine Sword all of a sudden. And at the same time, an immeasurable amount of malicious aura began gushing out from his body.

In just a few seconds, an unstable malicious aura spread out, effortlessly keeping the Ancient Evil Ape's aura that the ogre warrior emitted in check. Not long after, everyone watched as Zen slashed his five-foot-long sword down on the giant hammer.


At the point of impact between the long sword and the giant hammer, the only thing the crowd could hear was a somewhat muffled sound. It was in no way clear whatsoever.

The next scene they witnessed left everyone watching from the sidelines utterly dumbfounded.

The Earth Law which had been enveloping the dark golden giant hammer had just gotten shattered by Zen's sword with such ease.

From the looks of it, the slash from Zen's sword came out with a relentless force, splitting the giant hammer in half without difficulty.

It was worth mentioning that the ogre warrior's hammer had already been infused with his full power. If it were in the Lower World, even a continent would collapse from that mighty hammer strike.

Be that as it may, Zen wasn't the slightest bit fazed. Quite the opposite, at the swing of his sword, it gave the impression that

is one, try not to fight back. You should just ask me to lend you a hand."

Freya was in a state of euphoria at the moment. In her eyes, Zen had the appearance of a superhero. Just how many people would be willing to do something for others? Probably not a lot.

She understood full well how genuine Zen's words were.

From the moment he grabbed the space ring to the point when he picked up the icy lotus, Zen was perfectly laid-back, keeping his guard lowered down.

The other warriors who had intended to gang up on him before had been caught completely off-guard, simply keeping silent as they watched him move.

In spite of the fact that they had been planning to come at Zen all at the same time, they couldn't gather the courage to pull it off. As they marveled at the lifeless remains of the ogre warrior, they could already tell what the outcome was going to be if they were to raise arms against Zen. The strength this guy possessed was comparable to that of a devil, and these people, who were merely at the Spirit Supreme Realm, wouldn't even be worth mentioning before Zen. Deep inside, a few of those warriors couldn't help but feel an immense fear.

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