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   Chapter 1452 Fight The Ogre Warrior

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The warriors, including the ogres, humans, and the Demon Night members, stared at Zen with dark eyes.

"The seed of the World Tree has been swallowed by him!"

"Can we get it back by cutting open his stomach?"

"That is impossible. Once an Elixir Field Treasure is devoured, it enters the warrior's inner world. If we kill him, the inner world will collapse as well, and then everything within will be annihilated!"

"Then we can do nothing about it."

Once an Elixir Field Treasure was devoured, not even the person who had swallowed it could take it out, let alone someone else.

Zen, who was floating at the top of the cave, had not moved an inch. From what Lavender had told him, it would be best if he rested for a moment after swallowing the World Tree's seed, so that it could sink safely into the sea of chaos in his belly.

As for the other warriors in the cave, their gazes reflected their desire to kill Zen, but he turned a blind eye to them.

While everyone was deep in discussion, the ogre warrior smiled widely. His smile was ferocious. Anyone could see that the ogre wished to devour Zen in one go.

"Kid, I already warned you before. If you dare to swallow the seed, this underground palace becomes your grave!"

The platform across the cave was small. But as the ogre warrior released his aura, the other warriors began to retreat.

"He has the Ancient Evil Ape bloodline!"

"That bloodline is very pure."

"Once that human brat comes down, we will work together to attack him. Perhaps the World Tree's seed hasn't entered his elixir field yet."

Zen's previous performance had made the warriors of the three tenth-grade sacred places wary of him. But when the ogre warrior who had activated the Ancient Evil Ape bloodline took the lead, the others responded in unison.

If they killed Zen, there might still be a sliver of a chance to win over the World Tree's seed. If they did not act now, that chance would cease to exist.

Under this increasing greed, the warriors would easily lose their heads. After all, obtaining a World Tree's seed meant that their future paths would expand and their destinies would become full of countless possibilities. In addition to that, no one wished to live in their barren supreme world forever.

In comparison, the Demon Night warriors were much more reserved. The blonde-haired woman of the race pulled her people into a corner. Although she was disappointed that Zen had obtained the World Tree's seed, he had done so with h

e far inferior to those that the warriors of the thirteen palaces possessed. For the warriors of the thirteen palaces, this first-rank divine weapon was of course extraordinary, but to the Dark World warriors, it was a fantasy coming true. It was much like the World Tree's seed that Zen had swallowed.

The moment Zen took out his sword, he flew over at a fast speed. The ogre warrior with the Ancient Evil Ape bloodline raised his dark golden hammer.

An earthen yellow light gathered on the giant hammer, causing the ogre warrior's aura to become several times more intense. Once again, he roared loudly, "Earth, go berserk! Tear apart the sky!"

Normally, most ogre warriors focused on refining their bodies. This particular ogre warrior's body was not inferior to those of the ogre body refiners, and he also specialized in the Earth Law. With the two different kinds of cultivating systems, the power of his hammer strike was much more forceful.

As the other warriors witnessed the ogre warrior's full attack, they could not help but widen their eyes. The hammer strike could smash Zen and his sword into a pulp. Although Zen's sword was a first-rank divine weapon, the sword blade itself was not too thick. It could easily be bent or broken.

Freya looked at Zen, her heart racing with worry. However, when she saw the smile on his face, an inexplicable confidence rose in her heart. Zen certainly knew how to deal with this.

The moment the ogre warrior swung his hammer, the Thunder Wind Divine Sword in Zen's hand charged at his opponent.

Zen did not choose to dodge the ogre warrior's attack; rather, he faced him head on as he wielded his sword.

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