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   Chapter 1451 Getting The Tree Seed

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Each wind tunnel had a different trajectory, but the final destination for all would be on the other side of the cave.

Zen wasn't the first warrior to change the wind tunnel. For example, Lincoln and some other warriors had also changed the wind tunnel several times.

However, Zen's change in direction this time was completely incomprehensible to the other warriors. They believed that he had gone completely off course.

Whether it was Lincoln or the other warriors, they were all rushing upward. Their goal was clear, since their only goal was the seed of the World Tree.

This time, Zen had switched from one wind tunnel to another, but his position was getting lower and lower.

"Now, switch again!" Lavender's voice came again, as a series of sharp barked commands.

With a stomp of his feet on a towering stone pillar, Zen broke away from the wind tunnel and once again changed his path! It was a combination of Zen's physical prowess and Lavender's dynamic directing.

"Right! Now!"

"To the left."

With the crispness of Lavender's series of orders, Zen had almost completed a dazzling acrobatics performance! His body was a whir against the air as he darted and thrust, changing direction like a bird in flight.

He leaped into the cave with the help of the wind, but he still stayed at the bottom of the cave.

"Look at this guy. Is he here for doing acrobatics?" a warrior said as he looked at Zen in a stunned daze.

Even now, Zen still hadn't been able to claim a single treasure. However, his movements made many warriors silently admire him in their hearts. If it were them, it would be difficult to have managed such aerial maneuvers, especially when they were all being swept away by the strong gales.

After changing between wind tunnels thirteen times, Zen arrived at the very center of the cave.

When Zen reached the center, a strange phenomenon occurred.

At this moment, Zen was neither advancing nor retreating. He was floating, suspended in the middle of the air. And around him, there seemed to be a slowly rising current of air that wrapped around his entire body, and made him float ethereally towards the seed of the World Tree at the top of the cave!

"What… What's going on?"

"This guy can't be flying by himself, right? This place clearly doesn't allow us to fly!"

"I think there is a rising wind that is directly lifting Zen up!"

Witnessing this scene, Freya became extremely excited. The difficulty of getting the seed of the World Tree was so great that Freya did not even dare to think about it. There seemed to be nothing now that could stop Zen!

A look of excitement also appeared on Lincoln's face. Although he had not obtained this seed of the World Tree, Lincoln had always been in awe of the people who were stronger than himself. Lincoln could only respect him for doing what they had thought impossible!

As for the warriors of the three sacred places of the Dark World, their eyes were almost spitting fire as they were also calculating Zen's stre

brute's threat.

Just now, this ogre warrior was the one who had snatched away Freya's ice lotus!

Zen had already decided earlier, when the ogre had offended Freya, to kill this ogre warrior. However, this fellow still dared now to threaten him. Besides laughing in ridicule, Zen could only sneer!

With a grin, Zen swallowed the seed in one gulp. Then, he drew out a beam of the chaotic energy from his cinnabar field, which allowed him to hook this seed down into his internal world. Zen paused then and waited for a reaction.

The chaotic sea in Zen's body was still calm, not even a ripple could be seen!

As for the other warriors, whenever they activated their cultivation methods, the Soul Sea within their bodies would stir up great, stormy waves. But, this rarely happened to Zen's chaotic sea.

This chaotic sea, which was condensed of chaotic energy, seemed to be much thicker than the life vitality seas which other warriors commanded.


After the seed of the World Tree had fallen into his cinnabar field, it went straight into Zen's chaotic sea. There was only a ripple on the calm surface before it sank and disappeared.

"That's it?" Sensing this continuing stillness, Zen asked Lavender.

Lavender shrugged and said, "What else do you want? The seed has already fallen into your cinnabar field. No matter what you do, you can't take it out now. Just wait and see. It will take some time for the seed of the World Tree to take root and sprout."

Hearing this, Zen nodded, and his eyes once again turned to that ogre warrior!

As the ogre warrior saw Zen swallow the seed of the World Tree like that, he felt a great pain in his heart, which made him feel like his heart had begun to drip with blood. Of course, it wasn't just him who was in a bad mood, the other warriors weren't happy either. They had all coveted the World Tree's Seed.

Most people had this mentality. When they were unable to obtain something, they often wished for others to be unable to do so as well!

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