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   Chapter 1450 A Conflict

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Even though Freya had already ascended to the Upper World, she wasn't exactly an ambitious person.

She didn't even recognize the rare, invaluable treasures found within the cave. She learned from the discussions of others that the tiny World Tree seed at the top of the cave was an extraordinary object.

However, she did not target this tree seed, but instead focused on the side of the cave, where there was an ice lotus emitting a cold aura.

She mainly cultivated the Ice Law. This ice lotus would be useful to her, but she wasn't sure if she could do it. After all, not all martial artists that had entered the wind tunnels would be able to obtain what they wanted. Some of them came out empty-handed.

Seeing Freya's expression, Zen smiled and encouraged her, "Try your best! You can do it!"

Zen couldn't help her much after all.

Freya nodded at this. She felt encouraged and was feeling a bit more confident now. "Thank you! I'll try my best!"

She stretched out her arms, releasing a stream of cold air. Her entire body was like a kite as she flew along a wind tunnel.

Perhaps it was because she was a little flustered. As she was floating in the wind tunnel, her petite body continuously twirled. After a long while, she finally managed to stabilize her body.

Her eyebrows were knitted together, completely focused. She understood that although this ice lotus was valuable, it wasn't a life-and-death thing for her. However, when she thought that Zen was watching her from behind, she took it more seriously. She'd decided that she was going to get that ice lotus.

"Still another hundred feet."

As Freya was getting closer and closer to the ice lotus, her expression became increasingly solemn. Although these wind tunnels didn't intersect with each other, the wind still caused her to sway back and forth every now and then.

"Here it is!"

Freya stretched out her hand when she saw that the ice lotus was just inches away from her now. Just as she was about to reach for the ice lotus, her body was suddenly dragged towards the opposite side by the violent and strong wind. Her hand was still reaching for the ice lotus.

She gritted her teeth as an icy blue ribbon appeared in her hand, sweeping towards the ice lotus. As the ice lotus was pulled by the ribbon, an extremely cold aura burst forth. Freya's face brightened as she finally got the ice lotus.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Soon she was standing on

rm. The wind tunnel underneath it was relatively remote.

Zen had observed that no martial artist had chosen this wind tunnel until now. The reason was simple: when the Demon Night blonde had her test here using the scented mist, the wind in the tunnel flew downwards to the bottom of the cave.

Everyone's goal was to go up, so no one would choose to go down such a wind tunnel.

However, since Lavender had asked him to choose this tunnel, he had no choice but to follow.

Inside the cave, there were only two or three martial artists that didn't follow the wind to the other side. But by now, Zen had gotten everyone's attention.

"He seems to have chosen the most unreliable tunnel."

"It's useless. Some people like to think outside of the box, but the wind in that tunnel goes down all the way. He doesn't even have the slightest chance."

"Yeah, I think so too."

They discussed amongst themselves as they watched Zen.

When Zen had finished preparing, he took a step on the stone platform and his entire body merged with the fierce wind that was blowing out from the tunnel.

Whir! Whir! Whir!

Zen flew down against the wind.

His body kept descending at an angle of 90 degrees.

However, after he descended for over two hundred feet, he maintained a certain angle and slowly moved upward.

With the fast speed of the wind, Zen was able to hover to the right of the cave in less than three seconds.

"To the left!" Lavender's cold and brisk voice came through.

Upon hearing this, Zen quickly hit the stalagmite on the left, and then he charged out of the tunnel and went around to another one.

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