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   Chapter 1449 Difficult To Get

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Lavender had indicated that she had a way to get the seed, so Zen didn't say much and just stood aside, watching.

Many warriors also knew that the chances of obtaining the seed of the World Tree were very small, so they had to take a step back and focus on getting the other treasures.

After the warriors had chosen their targets, they selected one of the stone platforms and jumped down, drifting along the wind path. Whether they could attain the thing they favored or not would depend on their luck.

After pondering for a while, the lady with the golden hair who had led the people from the Demon Night also walked onto a stone platform.

She didn't rush to jump down from the stone platform. Instead, she removed a small scented sachet from her space ring. She gently touched the sachet, and a faint pink scented fog appeared.

Even though there was a violent wind blowing in the cave, everyone was able to smell the fragrance. It was an extremely refreshing smell.

Everyone was perplexed when they saw this scene. What was the blonde woman trying to do?

"Hey, I did the same thing back then. Someone must have taught her this method," Lavender's voice rang out again.

Zen studied the blonde woman's actions carefully and said, "She... Does she want to determine the direction of the gale?"

"Yes," Lavender said nodding.

As the pink fog dispersed, it floated into the wind tunnel below the stone platform, leaving a pink trajectory in its wake!

This fragrant fog was swirling around in the cave. After circling a few stalagmites, it made a turn in the air and floated to the opposite side of the cave.

"We can clearly see the path of the wind this way!"

"Try different platforms one after another. One of them is bound to succeed. This is indeed a good method!"

Many warriors were impressed by the intelligence of the woman from the Demon Night. Several warriors even quietly approached the stone platform. If this woman really succeeded, then they could jump into the wind tunnel instantly. There was only one seed of the World Tree in the world, and nobody wanted to give up such a great opportunity.

"What should we do? Do you want me to go up first?" Zen asked Lavender. Since she knew the way to get the seed of the World Tree, he should go ahead of others. If this woman from the Demon Night had really found a way, things would have been much more troublesome!

But Lavender smiled, "It doesn't matter, she won't be able to test it out this way."

The blonde woman's


"Huff, huff..."

Lincoln used the force of the gale to rush to the top of the cave. The seed of the World Tree was right in front of him now!

But right then an invisible wind blew from the side, forcefully changing Lincoln's direction and pushing his tall and sturdy body to another direction.

Soon after, he landed on the opposite side of the cave. Looking at the seed of the World Tree, he clenched his teeth angrily.

The other warriors also sighed in frustration. They were happy that Lincoln didn't get the World Tree's seed, and that they had a shot at it but it also proved that the chances to succeed were very small.

Driven by mixed emotions, the other warriors jumped into the wind tunnel and used all their power to try to get the seed.

Some of the warriors had luck on their side. They had chosen the right wind tunnel as well as the correct angle but they still hadn't been able to obtain the World Tree's seed.

A while later, most of the warriors had already reached the other side of the cave, leaving only Zen, Freya and Adrian with a few people.

Adrian looked very depressed!

He had planned this trip to the underground palace for a long time, but he never would have expected it to be like this. Although there were many opportunities here, one needed to rely on their own strength to fight for them. But his strength was obviously not enough.

Feeling helpless, he also jumped into the wind tunnel. Whether he could get what he wanted or not depended on his luck.

Freya glanced at Zen and said, "I'm going too."

She didn't have a specific goal. If she was lucky, she could just take any one of the treasures away.

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