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   Chapter 1448 A Seed Of The World Tree

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At the top of the giant cave, there was a small crack. And there was a sere grass vine tumbling out from that crack. Its withered leaves were mere remnants growing against the shriveled stem.

There was nothing special about this dried vine itself, but there was an extraordinary tree seed hanging on its tail. The seed was the size of a thumb and bright yellow all over. And its surface was extremely smooth. It was unknown how many years it had been hanging there, balanced between the heavens and the lands beneath.

Everyone was, however, engrossed in looking at numerous strange flowers and herbs in the cave. And because the seed was far away from them, nobody had noticed the small, shiny treasure.

Suddenly, the loud, excited shout of a warrior attracted everyone's attention.

All sorts of exotic flowers and herbs could be seen in this cave, causing everyone's eyes to water with zeal. Apart from Zen and Lincoln, most of the other warriors were from the three tenth grade sacred places of the Dark World.

The resources in the Dark World were scarce, so they didn't see as many rare treasures as the warriors from the thirteen palaces did. Every rare flower and herb in this cave could give them each a great advantage.

And when they saw the seed, desire burned strongly in their eyes.

However, the three Saint Lords at the entrance of the underground palace frowned deeply when they also noticed the seed.

"If I'm right, it's a seed of the World Tree!" The eyes of the Saint Lord from the ogre race were tainted with a trace of greed. He desired the seed as soon as he saw it.

The Saint Lord from the Magnolia Sacred Place shook his head slightly, and said in a regretful tone, "Our cultivation has broken through the Spirit Supreme Realm, and our inner worlds have already solidified. A rare treasure like the World Tree seed is useless to us."

The Saint Lord of the Demon Night looked unperturbed and calmly said, "They are lucky to find a seed of the World Tree, but it's hard to tell whether they could reach it. As far as I know, the World Tree seed has been hanging above the cave for countless years. The underground palace has been opened several times, but nobody has ever come close to claiming that seed."

The underground palace had been opened six times before. The most recent time was when Lavender, the queen of the Demon Night, had entered here. The World Tree seed was one of the rarest treasures in the universe, and she had not been able to obtain it last time.

At that time, Lavender's cultivation base had not been as strong as now. Although she had already been the queen back then, she had not been able to obtain the seed, even with the Demon Night's elites to help her. It was a bit unrealistic for these young men to hope to obtain it.

So for the Saint Lord of the Demon Night, the seed was still nothing more than a shiny bauble in the end, although the World Tree seed was an attractive pursuit for most.

The three Saint Lords were silent once more, as they waited to see what would happen next.

"This is the legendary World Tree seed. It can transform into the very foundation of a warrior, and grow along with their i

he force of the gale was terrifying! His elephant-like body was like a leaf being swept away in the gale, haphazardly moving along a certain path in the cave!

"This turbulent current is rushing upwards!" an ogre shouted excitedly.

The other warriors immediately became anxious. There was only one seed, and if it was taken away by that ogre, the others would not have any chance then.

However, at this very moment, the turbulent wind that was lifting the ogre up suddenly changed direction and violently swept downwards. The ogre, caught in this wind storm, didn't have any chance to resist at all. He had been only like a leaf floating in the wind, but now he plummeted, falling into the depths of the cave.

Some of the warriors with good eyesight could see the unwillingness on the face of the ogre. Fortunately, when the ogre passed a stone pillar, he reached out and grabbed a precious fruit from the stone pillar. At least, he had gotten one treasure now.

Having learned the lesson from this ogre, everyone became very cautious. They didn't want to take any action without consideration and they wanted to observe the turbulent wind's rules first.

Zen leaned against the wall, looked at the seed of the World Tree at the top of the cave, and asked, "Is the seed really that important?"

"Of course, if not, then why did I let you agree to Lincoln's invitation? This World Tree seed is one of my goals. You have to get it!" Lavender answered in an unquestionable tone.

"But... The chances of getting it are so small." Zen shook his head in astonishment.

His luck was indeed not bad, but it hadn't reached the point where he could accomplish anything he wished for. When he had absorbed the Luck-devouring Snakes during his tribulation, he had indeed been quite lucky, almost to the point where he had achieved what he wished for, but it had only maintained for a short period of time. If he had absorbed a few more Luck-devouring Snakes already, he would have been confident that he could obtain the World Tree seed.

"Your chances are small, but I have a plan," Lavender said with a faint smile.

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