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   Chapter 1447 Windy Tunnels

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All of this happened in a span of just three seconds.

Awais had activated the divine texture when he had knocked into those blades, causing his body to become engulfed in the purple light as he came to a standstill. And then, the purple light tugged at him forcefully and pulled him out of the blades.

He would have been sliced into pieces if he had been any slower.

But he was already heavily wounded, his body having been riddled with several terrifying bruises and cuts. And now that he had used the divine texture, there was no chance for him to return to the Endless Abyss for a second time.

Since Awais was one of the top geniuses of the sacred place of the ogres, this showdown had resulted in a burning resentment towards Zen. As he was pulled back by the purple light, he roared at Zen who was down in the abyss, "You brat! Even if you can survive the abyss, I can guarantee that you won't be able to leave the Dark World alive!"

The other ogre warrior wasn't as lucky as Awais. He hadn't expected Zen to crash this suddenly into him. Having been caught off guard, he hadn't had the time to even react before two intersecting blades cut through his body into pieces.

Nobody would blame Zen for this warrior's death, though. They all knew that Awais had caused it.

The tragic end of the two ogre warriors caused everyone to look at Zen in what could only be a mix of caution and trepidation.

Zen had been ambushed by Awais, but had reacted quite quickly, leaving him unharmed. He had also managed to take revenge and wound two ogre warriors. He was undoubtedly an opponent that couldn't be trifled with, whether in terms of intelligence or strength.

What made this even more incredible was that he was only at the early stage of the Soul Sea Realm.

Seeing how the two ogre warriors had found themselves in such a miserable situation, most of the warriors now refrained from competing with each other. If one of them tried to struggle with another for a gap between the blades like Awais had done, they would most likely end up in pieces.

The blades finally disappeared after about an hour. Just as everyone began getting curious about the next trap, someone suddenly shouted, "Look! There's a platform down there!"

There had been nothing for them to cling on to ever since they had entered the underground palace and started falling into the abyss. But the appearance of the platform had immediately attracted everyone's attention.

"Let's go there!" a Demon Night woman ordered, her golden hair swishing with her every gesture.

The other warriors of the Demon Night race quickly adjusted their posit

cave, their eyes wide as they took in the rare treasures and resources that filled this cave.

These treasures were precious, even to a tenth-grade sacred place.

"How can we get there? Can we fly over to the other side?" someone asked.

Since they were not within the Endless Abyss, some of them tried to float to the sky but quickly discovered that they still couldn't fly.

"How can we get our hands on those treasures if we can't fly?" a warrior complained.

The blonde woman from the Demon Night race glanced around again and said, "Over there!"

Everyone followed her gaze and found that there was a row of naturally formed stone platforms on this side of the cave. They could see the whole row of platforms from where they were standing.

There were a total of over a hundred stone platforms, and at the bottom of each platform was a circular windy tunnel.

The tunnels were an explanation to the melodious wind they had encountered. Strong gales blew out of these tunnels, and when these gales rushed out from below the stone platforms, it sounded like someone was whistling. The different sizes of these platforms resulted in different pitches of the sounds, making it sound like someone was playing a flute.

The blonde woman jumped onto a stone platform and bent to observe the windy tunnel below. After a while, she turned to the others and said, "It looks like every windy tunnel has a different route."

"You are right! If we enter different windy tunnels, we will arrive at different positions on the other side and obtain different treasures!" someone said and many other warriors agreed with this.

Suddenly, a human warrior pointed to the top of the cave and shouted excitedly, "Look! What's that at the top of the cave?"

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