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   Chapter 1446 Fight For The Chance Of Survival

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The walls of the abyss were smooth and there was nothing to cling on to.

Previously, martial artists had tried to shatter the walls of the abyss. They had first wanted to make a big hole in the wall, but it was not long before they realized that all attempts would be futile.

A faint enchanted barrier was present on the walls of the abyss. The enchanted barrier was not so conspicuous, but with the level of strength of this group of warriors, it was impossible for them to shatter it.

However, Freya did not want to cling to the wall. Instead, she moved to make her body as close to the wall as possible, maintaining a distance of about a foot from it. When several enormous blades appeared from below again, she slapped the wall with the palm of her hand. By taking advantage of the counterforce, she was able to control her position in the abyss and dodge the huge blades.

Zen's eyes twinkled when he saw Freya's movements.

The warriors had fallen from above but were unable to fly. It was indeed difficult for them to evade the huge blades. If they did not dodge them in time, the blades would cut them off. Freya's method proved to be helpful.

Those who were willing to stay in the abyss were those with strong willpower. Facing the cold glint of the enormous blades, everyone was a little scared, but they clenched their teeth with determination and persevered. Seeing how Freya avoided the blades, they all followed suit, adjusted their positions, and approached the walls of the abyss.

In the abyss, the scene was such that the warriors clung firmly to the wall and each time a batch of blades appeared, they hit the wall. Some warriors stomped on the wall with their legs, while some martial artists only used their hands to hit it. In this way, they managed to survive the marathon of blades that came at them.

However, as they descended farther down, the number of blades increased. At the start, only two or three giant blades appeared deep into the abyss. Later, there were seven, eight, or even ten blades entangled together, leaving everyone with less and less space to pass through.


Zen reached out to tap the wall of the abyss and his body drifted twenty to thirty feet horizontally. His goal was to move to the position above the chasm in the middle, between the blades, which was about five to six feet wide. Zen could then easily pass through the gap and avoid getting pierced by the blades.

But just as Zen adjusted his position and was about to rush toward the gap, he heard a loud, deafening sound. It was from an ogre who had hit the wall of the abyss. The counter-force made him

ollision, the two of them were distanced from the gap between the blades. Awais wanted to shift, but it was too late to find another gap. Looking at the blades that exuded rays of cold light from below him, a look of despair covered his face. Before he could sense his impending doom, he instantly activated the purple light dot, hoping that he could use the divine texture to return to the entrance of the underground palace before he was cut to pieces by the blades.

As for Zen, he had calculated the amount of impact force he would take on before colliding with Awais. He and Awais were like two clashing marbles, and the instant Zen was pushed back, his body flew in another direction. In that space was another ogre martial artist.

This particular ogre martial artist had already adjusted his position and thought that all he needed to do now was to wait to fall into the gap below without any worries. He would then pass through the layer of blades. Seeing Zen fly over, the ogre martial artist was stunned and shouted, "You, you dare to touch me?"


However, the problem was not that Zen dared to do so. Even Zen himself was unable to control his movements. He directly collided into the ogre martial artist and sent him flying back, but Zen's own body firmly stopped above the gap.

Suddenly, the enormous blades formed a fatal net, closing in on the crowd.

Except for Awais and the other ogre martial artist who had just been sent flying by Zen, the warriors dropped into the openings of the net, namely the cracks between the blades, and safely passed through.

Awais's body fell straight onto the blades. At the instant before his body was about to be cut by the blades, the purple light wrapped around him and flew upward...

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