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   Chapter 1445 Trick

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The warriors who entered the Endless Abyss wished to possess the treasures of the underground palace.

But after experiencing the attacks of the strange vines, the warriors realized that the benefits of the underground palace were not to be easily obtained.

Most of the warriors had tolerated the whips of the vines, but other than Zen and Freya, most of them had suffered light or heavy internal injuries. Moreover, the whips of the vines had obviously cast a shadow over the warriors.

The first round of the Endless Abyss had been tough to tolerate. The next test would no doubt be even more difficult.

It had to be known that the warriors were only talents of the three tenth-grade sacred places in the Dark World.

Whether it was the human Magnolia Sacred Place, the Demon Night's Purple Bamboo Sacred Place, or even the ogre's sacred place, none of them could be considered as particularly important or popular compared to the sacred places in other supreme worlds.

Among the talents sent out by the three races, a few of them were at the Soul Sea Realm, while the majority were at the Spirit Supreme Realm. They might be slightly stronger, but they could not be compared to the talents of the thirteen palaces.

Entering the Endless Abyss meant that they would encounter opportunities to grow stronger. However, the treasures obtained would need to be handed over to their respective sacred places. Presently, many warriors were beginning to want to retreat.

The issue was that they fell straight down as they stepped into the abyss. They could not manage to fly, so they could not go back.

Just as everyone was starting to feel depressed, they saw something deep in the abyss. Purple dots of light floated in the air at a distance.

These purple lights were in a relatively motionless state. However, because everyone was falling rapidly, they felt the lights rapidly approach them in their vision.

"What are those dots?"

Some of the warriors reacted quickly and reached out to grab the spots of purple light.

"Hey! Those are divine textures."

"It's an ancient divine texture!"

"It seems like the purple spots can help us return to the entrance!" a warrior cried out in excitement.

Zen and Freya also grabbed on to a purple light dot respectively. The moment they caught hold of them, indescribable consciousness effused from the dots. Everyone instantly understood their function.


Zen smiled as he held the dot and crushed it with a gentle pinch.

It seemed like the Suprem

en asked Lavender.

Lavender smiled. "You'll know soon enough!"

Just as she finished speaking, three giant blades surfaced in the abyss, forming a small angle at their top.

Although the number of blades had increased, the warriors still had space to dodge them because of the wide cross-section of the abyss. Only one person was not careful enough. He fell passing by one of the blades and was almost cut into two pieces.

However, as everyone continued to descend, the number of blades in the abyss grew.

Four, five, six...

As they fell, there was no place for them to dodge the incoming attack. Their bodies were not nimble enough to shift around. They carefully avoided the nearing blades, but they were still surrounded by danger.


One of the warriors was not able to shift in time and his arm was cut off by the blade. Drops of blood splashed out like rain of blood.

Hearing the pitiful cry, Freya bit her lip and stared at the blade below her. One could imagine what it would be like being cut by that blade. If the vines only gave her a painful whipping, the blades would cost her life!

She focused her attention on trying to dodge the silver-white blades.

However, just as was the case with the other warriors, it was difficult to reverse directions in the air. They were very inflexible at the moment.

Thinking of this, an idea suddenly flashed in Freya's mind. She looked toward the top of the abyss. Then, she turned her body and slowly approached the side.

Seeing Freya's movements, Zen's face was filled with doubt. At the same time, Lavender's voice rang out, "Ha-ha, that girl is quite smart. She has discovered the trick so quickly!"

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