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   Chapter 1444 Lashing

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There was still a slight difference between their falling speeds.

After descending for a while, they realized that even though they could not fly up above, they could change their stature and adjust their speeds.

By lowering one's head, the four limbs would naturally come together and the falling speed would increase.

By stretching one's limbs, the speed of one's descent would decrease because of the fluttering clothes.

Right now, none of them had any idea how to deal with their current crisis. They tried to adjust their speeds to be as slow as possible and stuck close to each other.

With this rapid descent, they charged into the dense vines.

Mysterious Life Law surfaced on these vines. It was as if they had their own set of brains. As Zen and the others came to be surrounded by the vines, the vines turned into long whips and lashed out at them.

Pah! Pah! Pah…

Loud sounds erupted from the lashing vines, akin to the explosion of a firecracker.

Except for Zen, the other warriors activated their life vitality to protect themselves quickly. Most of the ogres summoned their forceful energy to shield their bodies as soon as they could.

However, the power contained in these vines far exceeded their imaginations.

As a vine lashed out, a warrior's life vitality was instantly torn apart. He would be fiercely smashed into the deep abyss walls and continue to fall down.

No one was able to fly or adjust their positions, so they could hardly dodge the vines.

The vines seemed to contain some kind of special power which was strong and intense. No matter what treasure or cultivation method one used, the vines would break through and whip the warrior's body. The pain almost instantly killed him. It was as if the vines were whipping him both physically and mentally.

Miserable cries echoed through the abyss. The warriors twisted in pain, their faces revealing their suffering.

Zen was the only one who seemed calm in the face of the vines lashing at him.

The whips were strong but it was impossible for them to break through his divine weapon-like body. The whipping only caused him to twist and spin. The pain was easily dispelled by a warm current flowing through his body.

However, when he turned around to look, he saw Freya being whipped by the vines. Her body twisted in the air at an uncontrollable speed.

Zen had thought that Freya was a timid girl from how she had acted before. Facing the Cannibal Moths, s

ve up or change his mind. He was confident in his own talent but just like Lavender had pointed out, compared to the other geniuses of the Upper World, Zen lacked resources, not talent.

Zen decided to do his best to gather resources along the way. In the Upper World, it was the effective way for him to grow stronger.

Lost in thoughts, Zen heard a timid voice. "Zen, Zen, could you... Could you let me go?"

Hearing this, Zen realized that they had already passed the vines. There was no longer any need for him to keep Freya in his arms.

He loosened his grip and gently let Freya go. He gave an embarrassed smile and said, "Sorry."

Freya's face blushed a little. As she stared at Zen's embarrassed face, she realized how interesting he was. She then made up her mind. No matter how hard it got to pass the abyss of the underground palace, she would follow Zen closely.

The warriors tried to maintain a normal speed as they fell.

From the moment they had entered the underground palace, they had descended tens of millions of feet already.

They did not know when it would come to an end. After experiencing the whipping of the vines, they had become even more vigilant.

Only then did Zen ask Lavender, "What will happen if we go further down?"

"Hmm? Let me think. A hundred thousand years have passed since I was here last time. I need some time to recall." Lavender hesitated for some moments before continuing, "If I remember correctly, the second round is the Blade Mountain Trap."

"The Blade Mountain Trap?"

Although Zen didn't understand what this was, a bad premonition rose in his heart as he heard the name.

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