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   Chapter 1442 So Many People

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In the eyes of the Saint Lords from the tenth-grade sacred places, Lincoln's group was nothing more than a key to open the door.

As long as the door was opened, they were of no use to them. To kill them would be as simple as crushing an ant.

Ab could feel the power of the bloody light. He also felt that as long as he touched even a trace of it, it was very likely that he would be reduced to ashes. His face immediately turned deathly pale. He lost control of his emotions at the deaths of his six brothers. Finally, he realized that he had offended people whom he never should have offended.

Moreover, they were from the ogre race. People like him were nothing more than grass to them; they could trample on them as they pleased.

Seeing the blood light emit out, Ab did not even have the courage to dodge it. After all, a world lord was two realms higher than him. How could he match up to that?

But at this moment, the Saint Lord of the Magnolia Sacred Place reached out and a light blue screen appeared in front of Ab. The Saint Lord said indifferently, "Yosef, haven't we, the people from the three sacred places, agreed that we won't kill anyone, no matter which race comes to open the underground palace?"

Hearing his words, the bloody light in the hands of the Saint Lord from the ogre race gradually faded away. It did not make much difference if he killed an ant! He only gave a faint snort and paid no more attention to Ab.

The human Saint Lord glanced at Ab quickly. Considering that he was also from the human race, the Saint Lord said, "Since you've chosen to enter this underground palace, you should have been prepared to pay for it with your lives. For martial artists, to experience trials is an everyday occurrence in this world. Try your best to survive."

What the human Saint Lord meant was simple—since Ab led his companions to explore the underground palace, he must be ready to compensate for it with their lives. He could not accuse someone else for not rescuing him in time, just because he himself was too weak to survive. It was immature of him.

How could Ab not understand this truth? He was just unwilling to accept it.

When he looked up, he saw Lincoln, Zen, and Freya jump down from the Nine-head Snake statue. Once again, Ab felt it to be unfair.

He knew Lincoln was strong, but why were Zen and Freya left unwounded? Just now, the two of them had been surrounded by the Cannibal Moths. How did they escape from that danger? Ab was clueless.

As Zen leaped down, the human Saint Lord's gaze landed on him. A flicker of appreciation appeared on his emotionless face. The Saint Lord saw clearly that the young man had some kind of a magical power to see through the theurgy of the Dark Law. Under the siege of the Cannibal Moths, he managed to evade the attacks and hold on till the last moment.


not made the promise to the other two Saint Lords, he would have killed them a long time ago. To the Saint Lord of the ogre race, Zen, Lincoln, and the others were merely the key to the underground palace. Once it was opened, it hardly mattered what happened to these warriors.

When the human Saint Lord saw this, he did not say a word to stop them. As long as the Saint Lord of the ogre race did not kill anyone, he would not be breaking any rules.

Suppressed by the invisible power of the Saint Lord of the ogre race, Zen's mouth twisted into a tight frown. Suddenly, the power of the dragon scales surged up inside his body. He stared at the invisible power as he lifted his foot.

The Saint Lord of the ogre race possessed the cultivation of a world lord, but due to the history of the Dark World, there were no world lords. Therefore, he could be considered an expectant world lord who had the cultivation of a world lord, but did not possess the true abilities of that title. Similarly, the Saint Lord from the Spiritual Force Sacred Place in the Spirit Reading World was also an expectant world lord.

Although the invisible force that bound Zen and the others did not look anything extraordinary, the Saint Lord of the ogre race possessed a cultivation of a world lord. He was one of the top three warriors in this supreme world and so his invisible power was unimaginably great.

Lincoln, who was beside him, struggled furiously, but it was next to impossible for him to break free from the restraints of the invisible energy.

However, Zen continued to activate the dragon scales one by one. As the incrementing power poured into his body, he took a big step toward the entrance of the underground palace under the restraint of the immense invisible force of the Saint Lord of the ogre race.

The Saint Lord could not help but exclaim in surprise. He looked at Zen with bewilderment.

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