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   Chapter 1441 Open The Door

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As the space for dodging became more and more limited, Zen's gaze became incrementally more serious.

Couldn't these Cannibal Moths be killed?

Just now, Zen had also clearly seen that the instant Deke and Finn rushed out, they had also activated their protective life vitality. At the same time, they circulated their life vitality which turned into a violent storm to protect themselves.

Even so, they were still unable to resist the Cannibal Moths and were still hard pressed. The strength of Deke and Finn was as nothing when compared to that of Zen, but they were still Spirit Supreme Realm masters.

However, although there were some strange insects in the world, there should be some methods to restrain them…

Generally speaking, these evil and strange insects tended to be afraid of thunder and lightning. As Zen brought Freya alongside to avoid the insects, he saw a lone Cannibal Moth floating slowly towards them from the darkness. Its tiny shape was ghostly in the darkened space.

At this moment, an idea occurred to Zen. A ripple faintly appeared in the sea of chaotic energy within his body, as if he wanted to form a flash of lightning.

"You're thinking too much; it's useless!" Lavender spoke up at this moment.

At the same time, the cyan dragon also cautioned, "The Thunder Law will have no effect on the Cannibal Moth. Moreover, the lightning that is produced by the Thunder Law will instead attract a greater number of Cannibal Moths!"

Hearing their warnings, Zen suppressed the power that was going to erupt. No wonder Ab and the others hadn't used this method.

"Then what should we do?'' Zen asked with a frown as he looked at the phantasmal moths floating towards them with ravenous intent in their beady eyes.

"Wait! Just wait until the door of the underground palace is opened, then you can rush in," Lavender advised. She had entered the underground palace before, but it had been one hundred thousand years ago, and at that time, there hadn't been any Cannibal Moths. If she had encountered those Cannibal Moths back then, she would have reminded Zen to be well prepared, and they wouldn't now have fallen into such a difficult situation.

Upon hearing Lavender's words, Zen nodded his head slightly. He could only drag Freya along as he continuously paced back and forth to avoid the moths.

However, as more and more tinkling sounds rang out, the number of Cannibal Moths that hatched out of the Nether Water also increased. Soon, there was almost no room remaining for them to dodge the clumsy insects.


Another blood-curdling screech rang out, and the sound of bones collapsing could be heard. It was likely that another person had been overwhelmed by the sheer number of the insects and had been devoured by the Cannibal Moths.

Freya's heart thumped rapidly in fear. She didn't know how long they would be able to hold on in this desperate situation. Any second now, she would perhaps be devoured like the other people, with only skeletal remains left…

Zen's brows furrowed deeper. The densely packed Cannibal Moths had already completely sealed off the surrounding space, and there seemed to be n

ple Bamboo Sacred Place. The queen which she mentioned was Lavender.

As for the one who led the ogres, he was the Saint Lord of the sacred place of the ogres…

They had been observing the situation at the entrance of the underground palace the whole time. They did not care about the life or death of Zen and the seven brothers of the Hou family. To these leaders, life was cheap. However, the moment the door of the underground palace opened, they had brought the young elites from their sacred places and rushed over!

The underground palace had previously repelled strong warriors with a high level of cultivation. The three leaders of the sacred places were all expectant world lords. If they rashly forced an entry into the underground palace, it would collapse and be ruined. Although the three powerful leaders couldn't enter, they could still send many of the Spirit Supreme Realm warriors in their sacred places into the underground palace in their stead.

Ab had completely fallen into despair. Earlier, while still in the darkness, he had only been able to watch as his brothers died one by one, turning into piles of lifeless bones. He had not known for how long he could hold on, and when his six brothers had all died, a group of people suddenly appeared and easily killed those Cannibal Moths! He stood slack-jawed and stared at the newcomers in stunned amazement, while his emotions were in turmoil.

Flames of fury then rushed into his mind. "You… " Why didn't you come earlier?"

Normally, Ab would never speak so insolently to these powerful masters. However, when he looked at the piles of bones, which were all that was left of his brothers, the bitterness in his heart overwhelmed him.

The Saint Lord of the ogres glanced coldly at Ab and sneered. He didn't even bother to speak to Ab or express his condolences. A Spirit Supreme Realm warrior was not in a position to question him. With a slight flash of his mountain-like body, a bloody light condensed at the tip of his finger. There was a mighty power contained within the blood light. Obviously, he was intent on killing Ab.

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