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   Chapter 1440 Dodging In The Darkness

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The Glint Pearl was the only glowing object amidst the dark surroundings, but little inky black moths the size of a finger continuously circled around it.

The moths seemed to hate the light, so a few of them suddenly shot towards the Glint Pearl, and in a second, the last ray of light was gone. Once again, the moths sank into the darkness.

Shock was written all over Ab's face. "These are..."

"These are Cannibal Moths! And here... This is the Nether Water!"

"The dripping sound we heard just now was from the Nether Water!"

"We should leave now…"

The seven Hou brothers who had mocked Zen just a while ago were now scared out of their wits.

There was a Magical Insect List in the universe, and all the insects ranked in the list had extremely powerful abilities. The Cannibal Moth was one of the very dangerous insects included in the list.

For instance, the Ice Jade Butterfly was ranked fifty-first in the list. Although it was deceptively beautiful, it was immensely lethal: any living being exposed to its cold poison would freeze quickly; even their souls would no longer fall into the path of reincarnation.

The vicious Cannibal Moth was ranked twenty-first on the list. It normally lived in the form of an insect egg in the Nether Water, and would remain like so even after thousands of years. As long as it was under the Nether Water, the insect egg could live up to a hundred thousand to even a million years long.

However, once the Cannibal Moths felt the existence of a living creature and needed to search for food, the insect eggs would control the Nether Water and let it flow out. Then, the Cannibal Moths would hatch out from the insect eggs and search for food in the darkness!

At that moment, Zen used his magical eyes to see the drops of Nether Water that dripped down from above. In a blink of an eye, the finger-sized black moths had hatched and come out of the water.

They wouldn't be much of a threat if they were ordinary moths, but Zen had felt the strong aura of the extremely rare Dark Law. He had encountered this kind of Dark Law before in the Enchanted Barrier Tower. This Law Power seemed to be the light's enemy and could devour all the light, which was why the underground palace was pitch black.

Zen knew that the moths weren't ordinary when he saw them. Thus, he asked Lincoln to open the entrance to the underground palace the soonest possible.

Meanwhile, the fearless seven Hou brothers seemed to ignore the danger, so Zen didn't say much anymore. He couldn't be bothered to remind them!

The seven Hou brothers were a colle

to the darkness. His eyes looked up at the Nine-head Snake's statue. Luckily, the Cannibal Moths didn't spread out to that direction. If they did and also blocked Lincoln's way, Lincoln might not open the underground palace's door.

Lincoln also knew that something unexpected had happened outside, but he was currently using the method he learned from the man in the Villain World to open the underground palace gate. He couldn't afford to be distracted now. He could only anxiously say, "Wait a moment..."

"We can't wait anymore! Why are you so slow even when you're opening the door?" Ab couldn't help but curse in the dark. He never expected to encounter such strange insects there, and he had lost three of his brothers in the blink of an eye!

Just as the last curse slipped out of his lips, they heard another miserable scream in the dark. Clearly, another person had been taken by the Cannibal Moths.

The moment they heard the scream, Ab angrily punched the air and sent the next person flying.

"Ab, that's Gil!" Baal said angrily. "If I don't do that, we're all going to die!" Ab coldly shot back.

Everyone felt their hearts sink into despair as they kept backing away. However, the Cannibal Moths were everywhere.

They didn't know if retreating was the right choice, but they all did it on instinct.

On the contrary, it was much easier on Zen's side. He could see the distribution of the Cannibal Moths, so he was able to avoid attracting them as much as possible as he carefully dragged Freya along. He had managed to dodge three or four groups of Cannibal moths now, but the dripping sounds continued, which meant more Cannibal Moths had hatched, and there was less space for Zen and Freya to retreat.

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