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   Chapter 1439 Little Moths

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The Supreme Lord's origin was extremely mysterious mostly because it was literally ancient history that had been forgotten due to the passage of time.

This underground palace had already been explored before but none of the warriors who went in had managed to successfully unravel the mystery behind the Supreme Lord's true identity.

This wasn't a normal occurrence. The origins of each and every Supreme Lord were meticulously recorded, documented, and compiled ever since the start of the grand era. To forget such important information was extremely rare. A Supreme Lord, after all, had a fixed, constant position in the universe and the replacement of one was usually only due to the death of a former one, which would no doubt generate a lot of attention and shock from the heavens.

However, nobody found any clues or documents pertaining to the origins of this Supreme Lord in the Dark World.

The Nine-head Snake statue at the entrance of the underground palace served as the only hint that the Supreme Lord might likely possess this creature's bloodline. There were nine entrances, each corresponding to an individual snake head.

Each head meant an opportunity to open up the underground palace.

Every time an entrance was opened, the snake's head would break and an enchanted barrier would open. The underground palace would then patiently wait for the next time it could be opened.

Lavender had entered this palace a hundred thousand years ago through the sixth snake head. A hundred thousand years later, Lincoln obtained the opportunity to explore the palace through the seventh snake head.

The sacred places in the Dark World paid careful attention to this underground palace and were always aware whenever someone was able to gain the opportunity to open up an entrance.

If Lincoln could open the entrance, then the sacred places would waste no time sending their young elites over!

Everyone waited with bated breath as Lincoln entered the seventh snake head. It was incredibly silent, especially since the palace was located miles underground. A needle dropped on the floor would no doubt echo through this palace.

However, the silence was broken by

or on their faces. One of them even pointed at Coy's body. It was then that Coy shook the Glint Pearl and aimed it towards himself.

The sight made Freya gasp and she couldn't help but tightly grasp onto Zen's clothes.

Meanwhile, his brothers retreated a few steps back in unison!

The sight was horrifying. The Glint Pearl perfectly illuminated the way the darkness literally consumed Coy, eating away at his flesh and blood. The weird thing was that he didn't feel any pain nor did he feel anything was amiss.

However, the horrifying sight still overwhelmed him.


he screamed, running back towards everyone!

"No! Don't come here!"

"Just stay there and die!" his brothers all said.

Despite being initially confident in their skills, their brute strength would only prove useful against ferocious beasts. The mysteries of the unknown were way scarier than any vicious creature.

"What should we do?" Freya asked Zen in panic.

However, he merely grabbed Freya's waist and let out one single order, "Retreat!"


Their group was quick to follow his command, along with the six brothers.

Coy, who had been running towards them, was no match for the corrosive darkness. He rapidly lost the remainder of his body and all that remained was his skeleton that smashed loudly onto the ground. The Glint Pearl he once held as a beacon also rolled down the floor and reflected the dancing little moths in the dark.

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