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   Chapter 1438 Snake Heads (Part Two)

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If one intended to get to the Dark Underground Palace, there was no other choice but to go through the Dark and Light Nine-turn Passage, and all of those nine turns had to be chosen correctly. If they so much as made a mistake along the way, then entering the underground palace would be out of the question, and one could only aimlessly go through the endless maze of passages.

The level of difficulty of making it through the Dark and Light Nine-turn Passage might not appear to be too high at first glance. One would have to accurately choose between two different passages nine times. If one were to pin their hope solely on luck, the probability of getting through and choosing all the correct passages was only one in 1, 028.

In any case, it wasn't really that big of a secret in the Dark World whether one should take the light or the dark passage. One could find that out without difficulty by simply asking around in this supreme world.

However, at this moment, the three great races were all hoping that Lincoln's group had not learned of this secret from asking around in the Dark World, but from other supreme worlds. Only then would they be able to have hopes of opening the underground palace.

The things that the Supreme Lord from remote ages had left behind were exceedingly tempting to any tenth-grade sacred place. For that reason, it shouldn't come as a surprise that everyone, be it ogres or Demon Night members, would have their attentions completely focused on every single person who had stepped foot into the place.

After a couple of hours of walking along the dimly-lit passage, Lincoln suddenly stopped once again. Then, he proceeded to open up a light passage that didn't seem to contain a

r had his gaze fixated on the scene that was happening in front of him and let out a blaring laugh, appearing as though he had great confidence in Lincoln's following actions.

There was a total of nine ways to open the underground palace created by the Supreme Lord from remote ages, and those nine ways had been carefully passed down from generation to generation in great secrecy. None of the methods which could be used to open the underground palace were alike, so it was almost impossible to work those things out. And above all else, the Supreme Lord had placed quite a troublesome enchanted barrier inside the underground palace for undisclosed reasons.

For a Soul Sea Realm or Spirit Supreme Realm warrior, this enchanted barrier could be considered as an overwhelming experience. Be that as it might, to a lot of world lords and Supreme Lords, it wasn't really something particularly worth mentioning.

The main problem was that as long as the enchanted barrier received any sort of damage, everything in the underground palace would be destroyed instantly. For that very reason, not a single mighty warrior could force their way in.

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