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   Chapter 1437 Snake Heads (Part One)

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"Two passages?" From the look on his face, Adrian seemed to be quite surprised.

Curling his lips, Lincoln said, "If you decide to take the passage on the left, you won't ever be able to step foot into the Dark Underground Palace until the end of time!"

Originally, when he agreed to Adrian's request, it had been solely because he helped him to gain his freedom. Back then, he wasn't really expecting that Adrian would be insisting on taking the seven Spirit Supreme Realm warriors along with them.

To be capable of cultivating to such a level, it should go without saying that none of them were fools. Lincoln might have been so relaxed all the time, but he was also quite a brave and cautious man. The seven brothers, on the other hand, were by no means good people. There was a good chance that they'd opt to take all of the treasures the moment he opened the entrance to the underground palace.

Be that as it might, Lincoln had faith in his own abilities. And on top of that, he was even more confident in Zen's capabilities.

If they could behave well in the process, things would be good, but were they to do something that troubled him or Zen, they would just be shooting themselves in the foot.

The moment the hidden passage was opened, a dark and numbing aura blew out from deep within. It felt as though a countless number of ghosts had been rushing toward them, with each and every single one of them baring their fangs and swinging their claws, raring to tear everyone to shreds.

"Such a dense amount of dark energy!" Ab exclaimed in awe.

"It's a good thing that I brought this with me."

Adrian, who had been standing on the si

have any qualms about getting rid of them whatsoever.

Right now, it wasn't just the people from the Magnolia Sacred Place who had their eyes on them.

In the Purple Bamboo Sacred Place of the Demon Night, there were also some warriors who had been keeping a watchful eye on them.

"They have already located the second passage. It looks like they came prepared, or at least, they didn't come barging in." The Saint Lord of the sacred place stood atop the highest leaf. Despite the leaf being just about the size of a palm, it was still able to hold the weight of a warrior.

"They've just arrived at the second passage. That doesn't really count for anything, given the fact that they still have seven passages ahead of them. What's more, with regards to this matter of the Dark and Light Nine-turn Passage, it wasn't much of a secret anyway. One could easily ask around in the Dark World and learn about it. The only thing we have to do is wait and see whether they really have a way to open the underground palace or not," stated another Demon Night woman, with a smile creeping onto her face.

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