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   Chapter 1436 A Long Narrow Passage (Part Two)

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The leader shook his head. "Every year, there are some overconfident warriors who enter the underground place, thinking that they can open it and find some treasures."

"But, Saint Lord, the activation of this underground palace doesn't have any fixed pattern. Maybe they can succeed in opening it this time," the black-robed warrior said.

The Saint Lord of the Magnolia Sacred Place smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. I've already set up a monitoring array in the underground palace. If the underground palace is opened, I'll receive the news immediately. If they really succeed in opening it, it would be the best news for us, and I can then send our disciples there."

When Zen and the others had been walking in the passage leading to the underground palace, all three biggest sacred places in the Dark World had somehow received the news.

These sacred places had only paid attention to the movements of Zen and his companions. Other than that, they didn't do anything.

Every once in a while, warriors would seek to enter the underground palace for a variety of reasons. But the last time that the underground palace had opened was over a hundred thousand years ago. It had never been successfully reopened since then.

However, this did not mean that the three sacred places did not value this underground palace. It was a place of strategic importance and whichever warriors did make it into the palace would gain the upper hand in the current status quo among the three races.

This was, after all, the resting place of a Supreme Lord from remote ages. Although the underground palace had been opened so many times before, no one had managed to take out the most important secret treasures. The entire Dark World was stil

em was a solid wall. It seemed that they had indeed reached the end of the passage. But then, their faces were filled with disappointment. Stepping closer, they found that this was only a turn in the passage. After turning this corner, there was still an endless passage stretching ahead of them.

"Go on," Ab Hou said helplessly. His brothers had become more and more impatient.

However, at this moment, Lincoln said, "Wait."

Everyone's eyes focused on Lincoln. Ab Hou asked impatiently, "What is it?"

Lincoln couldn't be bothered to answer these brutish warriors. These seven brothers were only able to follow him into the underground palace because of Adrian. Completely ignoring them, Lincoln took out a divine texture from his space ring and pasted it onto the wall of the passage.

Afterwards, Lincoln concentrated and poured his life vitality into the divine texture. A faintly green light began to spread out, shining onto the wall in front of them.

With a grating sound of stone on stone, the wall slid to the side in a shower of dust and cobwebs. As the wall on the side of the passage opened up, another passage appeared before them.

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