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   Chapter 1435 A Long Narrow Passage (Part One)

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The Dark Underground Palace wasn't considered a secret place in the Dark World.

Many creatures in the Dark World were also well aware that there was an underground palace here. However, in the last hundred thousand years, no one had been able to enter its mysterious depths.

Legend had it that a Supreme Lord in remote ages had once passed away in this place hundreds of millions of years ago.

Time was the most powerful opponent of all warriors. Even a Supreme Lord's lifespan was not without its limits. If a Supreme Lord was unable to become a True God, he or she would eventually encounter the Five Aging Processes and die. Immortality could not be achieved easily.

Therefore, the eternal life was also one of warriors' ultimate goals.

It was said that before this Supreme Lord from remote ages had passed away, he had used extremely special methods to set up an incomparably grand underground palace, and that he had left behind all of his knowledge and inheritances within it. It was rumored to be a treasure trove for any martial artist.

Each time the Dark Underground Palace was opened, the time and method required to open it were different.

In the endless years since it had first been established, there had been many warriors who had entered the underground palace and obtained great benefits from it. However, entering the underground palace was not something that any warrior could hope to accomplish.

Lavender had once entered the Dark Underground Palace. This was already ten thousand years ago when the underground palace had opened.

When Lavender had once been in the underground palace, she had also obtained a wealth of resources and benefits. Therefore, when she had heard that Lincoln had also found a way to enter the Dark Underground Palace, she immediately made Zen agree to accompany him. If she remembered correctly, the resour

because of the geopolitical formalities, which they all observed, these three sacred places interacted extremely well with each other. There wasn't much competition among them, and they maintained trade relations with each other. So it could be said that these three sacred places were the windows through which the three races interacted with each other. However, in other supreme worlds, the three races still fought against each other and all kinds of conflicts never ended.

The Magnolia Sacred Place was a tenth-grade sacred place established by the human race.

In the center of this sacred place, there stood a towering palace that pierced the clouds. Two black-clothed warriors were rapidly entering the palace now.

"Saint Lord, a few warriors have entered the underground palace again today," said one of the two black-robed warriors in a respectful tone.

Their leader, who sat enthroned in the palace, asked with an indifferent face, "Who are they? What is their race? Do you know their cultivation levels?"

"They are human warriors. There are only eleven of them in total. Seven people are at the Spirit Supreme Realm. The other four are all at the Soul Sea Realm," the black-robed warrior again answered very respectfully.

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