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   Chapter 1433 The Creation of The Soul Sea

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Zen was startled as the supreme life vitality crystal suddenly exploded.

It shattered into tiny fragments, but the life vitality it contained did not shoot out. Instead, it was replaced by several wisps of chaotic energy.

Zen had transferred only a small amount of chaotic energy into the stone shell. Now, it had increased greatly from the original measure.

However, due to the impact from the explosion, the currents of chaotic energy looked like thin whips that lashed out fiercely in all directions, leaving behind in its wake countless tiny dents in the room.

"Hiss, hiss..."

From the dents, other strands of chaotic energy slowly rose up like little gray snakes.

Zen's eyes widened as he looked at the scene in front of him. He was beyond bewildered at what was happening.

In only a few seconds, the small dents in the room had multiplied. The little gray snakes of chaotic energy quickly eroded everything in their surroundings, while giving rise to more strands.

"Zen, if you don't do anything about all this chaotic energy right now, this house will collapse!" The cyan dragon's words rang faintly in Zen's ears with warning.

At this, Zen finally came back to his senses!

He waved his finger lightly, and the strands of chaotic energy quickly shrunk. One after another, the little gray snakes crawled out of every corner of the room and gathered in Zen's hand.

Zen was now holding chaotic energy that was a thousand times larger than before. The wisp of chaotic energy that he had poured into the crystal was not much thicker than a thin thread. Now it was the size of a fist.

"It seems that the chaotic energy can absorb much more than the life vitality in the crystal. If things have continued, it would have swallowed the whole house..." Zen said in a daze, staring at the mass of chaotic energy in his hand.

The cyan dragon broke through his musing. "It is capable of more than that. Chaotic energy would be able to devour everything..." he said.

The cyan dragon was unable to keep his composure at the turn of events.

The suggestion that Zen tried things for himself came from the cyan dragon, and from the look of things, the chances of failure were far greater than the chances of success.

The cyan dragon had lived through hundreds of thousands of years and had seen many different kinds of cultivation methods. When Zen had first entered the Cloud Sect to select his cultivation method, the cyan dragon kept the Heavenly Ogre Fist in mind. It was a technique that could manipulate life vitality into such power that it would be able to ravage and devour everything. It was a very unique cultivation method, and its origins had remained unknown. No one could even be sure that it originated from the ogre.

Zen had been preoccupied with other things, and thus was not able to take time to discover the history behind th

nd he did not feel full for a long time.

However, as Zen continued to devour things with his chaotic energy, the chaotic energy inside him increased, and the entire inner world began to narrow down, making the chaotic energy contained within him start to condense.

Once the concentration of chaotic energy had reached its limit, it would be able to liquefy. Zen continued to pour chaotic energy inside him while paying attention to the changes in his body.

He was not disappointed.

Soon enough, his inner world was made visible—masses of chaotic energy gathered together and formed a brown colored liquid that quickly sank into the depths.

After the first portion of chaotic energy started to liquefy, the entire internal world underwent a tremendous change. As the brown liquid continued to form, edges had begun to appear...

For six days, the liquefaction continued. On the seventh day, the brown sea in Zen's inner world began to slowly fluctuate. He had already stepped into the Soul Sea Realm after passing through ten small Heavenly Tribulations, but he had only truly created the Soul Sea today. Compared to other Soul Sea Realm warriors' Soul Seas, his was much different... The constantly churning waves of his Soul Sea would enable chaotic energy to completely swallow even a divine weapon.

Not long after Zen's Soul Sea was established, a familiar voice rang in his ears. It was Lincoln who contacted him by burning the message rune Zen had given him before. It seemed that he had already arrived at the Auspice City!

With Lincoln's invitation, Zen had arrived at the Dark World and had been waiting for word from him for a long time. Circumstances appeared to be in his favor, as Lavender knew of some of the Dark World's secrets. Zen had every intention of getting the resources there.

Zen responded to Lincoln's message and told Freya to pack up and make preparations to set off.

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