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   Chapter 1431 The First Step

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Every member of the Demon Night race knew very well what Lavender looked like and what she smelled like. To some extent, they were even more familiar with her than with their parents.

From the moment they were born, they would be baptized in front of the queens' statues. The Queen of Life could make their life energy grow stronger, the Queen of Punishment could make them observe the laws of the Demon Night race, and the Queen of Killings could boost their courage, making them understand the killing way.

At this moment, although Lavender was now only a sword spirit, her soul force had already recovered 60%. The Cold Plum Blood Spear in her hand exuded a majestic aura.

As the Demon Night martial artists of the Ginkgo Pavilion witnessed this, their hearts suddenly trembled. They realized that their queen had actually arrived…

The Dark World was a remote area where many races gathered. The whole supreme world was mainly a place for trading. Although the human race, Demon Night, and ogre race all had a tenth grade sacred place here, among the various races, they were still considered relatively weak forces.

Therefore, when these warriors of the Demon Night saw the sudden appearance of their queen, they were all stunned!

To them, the personal visit of any queen here was an unparalleled honor. In the hearts of the members of the Demon Night race, a queen was even more important than a Supreme Lord.

Thump! Thump...

All of the Demon Night members knelt down right away to honor their queen, Lavender.

Floating high up in the air, Lavender looked down at her subjects. Her gaze finally landed on the woman in pink. "What's your name?"

"My queen, you can call me Nela," the woman in pink answered sincerely.

In fact, a few months ago, all the members of the Demon Night knew that their Queen of Killings had returned to the Upper World, and that she had a conflict with the Queen of Punishment.

At that time, Lavender had used Zen's Roaring Token to quarrel with the Queen of Punishment. Not just the Demon Night race, everyone knew about this.

After all, this was an internal conflict within the Demon Night race. Some of the races that hated the Demon Night race was expecting to watch a good show. After all, the return of Lavender would definitely cause an internal strife within the Demon Night race.

Lavender coldly nodded, and then continued, "Nela, I want all of you to make an oath of allegiance to me, in front of the statue."

Upon hearing this, Nela and her other subordinates uneasily raised their heads—discomfort evident on their faces. The task Lavender was asking them to do was extremely difficult.

Actually, they had the same concern as the Heavenly Feather Sacred Place did back then. Even though Lavender was their queen, she was only one of their queens as the Demon Ni

vely to their oaths.

The oath of the Ginkgo pavilion was the first step for Lavender's return to the throne.

After everyone made their vows, Lavender said lightly, "You can all stand up now."

Nela nodded and led the many warriors of the Demon Night to their feet. Since she had made a vow to the queen, it meant that from now on she would only serve Lavender as her queen.

However, to them, this was still a supreme honor. Every day, they would worship the queens' statues but most of them would never be able to see their queens for their whole life. Now that Lavender had come here personally, how could they reject her?

Although it was a painful choice for them to give up on the other two queens, it was still a great opportunity for them to grow.

Once Lavender returned to the throne, they would definitely be valued for their support and loyalty.

"My queen, what can I do for you?" Nela asked as she rose. Lavender coming here definitely meant that there were very important things to be accomplished. Otherwise, she wouldn't have taken the initiative to come here herself.

Lavender said simply, "I want you to head to the Eternal Night World to find someone and give this jade slip to her."

As Lavender spoke, Zen, who was by her side, took out a jade slip. It was a jade slip that had been created beforehand and contained extremely important information.

"Eternal Night World…" Nela raised her eyebrows. She also knew that the Eternal Night World was the supreme world where the Queen of Killings used to live. Since the Queen of Killings disappeared, the entire Eternal Night World was taken over by the Queen of Punishment.

However, since she had already taken an oath of allegiance to the Queen of Killings, Lavender's orders were not to be disobeyed. She had no reason to refuse even if she was asked to go to a mountain of swords and a sea of flames.

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