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   Chapter 1430 Destroy The Statues

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The long spear before Zen emitted a sharp cold glow. Nonetheless, his face remained void of any emotions.

Facing the questions asked by the Demon Night women, he reached for the tip of the spear and gently pinched it. He then smiled and said, "I'm not looking for anyone."

The Demon Night women didn't attack. In a normal situation, all they would do was drive away those warriors from other races that were barging in. They were sent here by the sacred place to trade with other races after all. It wouldn't be good for their sacred place if they just randomly killed creatures from other races.

"If you are not looking for anyone, then leave!" she warned while looking at Zen. She felt rather strange that he didn't look nervous at all.

They had thought that Zen would obediently leave after hearing their warning. However, they had never expected the man to push the spear away from him instead and utter, "I'm not looking for anyone but I'm not leaving either."

"Then you are looking for death!"

This was the center of the Demon Night's residential area. These women were the guards here. Thus, they couldn't allow Zen to just cause any trouble.

The Demon Night woman thrust forward as soon as her voice faded.

She was at the Soul Sea Realm and was holding the spear with both hands.

Her attack was actually very powerful!

Nonetheless, her spear only managed to move forward three inches and couldn't go any further than that.

Zen smiled as he pinched the tip of the spear.

Disbelief flooded the Demon Night woman's eyes. She never thought that this human warrior before her could seal off her spear with just two fingers.

Unwilling to give up, she used all her might to pull her weapon away. However, her spear remained motionless.

This situation was only possible if the strength between her and the human was almost equal.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two Demon Night women who were standing by also joined the battle when they saw their friend at a disadvantage. They pounced over from above Zen's head. But then he abruptly released the spear, took a step forward, and charged towards the tree.

"Stop him!"

one of the Demon Night women shouted.

Facing the fierce attack from behind, Zen simply waved his hand and sent the two weapons flying away.

Although Zen's expression was indifferent, his gaze was grave. This was because Lavender had reminded him more than once that this was the first and most important step in helping her take revenge.


A loud sound echoed out. The door at the bottom of the big tree was directly smashed into pieces by Zen's body. Wood chips fell to the ground, and the

t still failed to destroy two Nether God Shadows.

Clank! Clank!

Two queens' statues were instantly smashed to smithereens.

The statues of Queen of Life and Queen of Punishment were destroyed.

The pink-clothed woman's expression went even darker and madder. Her originally indifferent eyes were now filled with a want to kill. Any Demon Night member would defend their queens, and breaking their queens' statues was the greatest blasphemy to their queens.

"Kill him! Kill him!"

"How dare he destroy the queens' statues!"

"Death penalty!"

The warriors at the bottom of the tree also followed behind. Their eyes were flooding with rage as they saw fragments of the statues flew all over the place.

The pink-dressed woman did not hesitate any longer and released two formidable flying shuttles to attack Zen. Two blue-colored lightning balls engulfed the shuttles' surface.

The balls of lightning were only the size of a fist, but the power contained within them made Zen's heart jump with fear.

"I'm afraid that the Thunder Law has already reached the fifth layer. Lavender, if you don't come out and help me now, I'll be in trouble!" Zen calmly said.

As soon as his voice fell, a blood-red shadow shot out from Zen's body. The moment that figure condensed into existence, the Cold Plum Blood Spear in his space ring shot out too and was caught by that figure.

Clank! Clank!

With two crisp sounds, the two flying shuttles with terrifying balls of lightning were easily brushed aside by the figure.

Upon seeing this, the pink-clothed woman, who was in the lead, furrowed her eyebrows and became even more furious than before. However, her expression drastically changed when she recognized the figure that had appeared next to Zen.

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