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Over a million people crawled through the area, tirelessly offering their Faith Energy. Even after spending a year, they were only able to form a sliver of it.

Only a third of the sphere was filled with the Faith Energy, which was offered by millions of people praying day and night.

The Ancestral Dragon was now hidden behind the stone pillar, moving upward.

After some time, it arrived at the top of the pillar where a convenient, spherical-shaped container held the Faith Energy.

It was a unique divine weapon that could contain Faith Energy, but that was nothing to the Ancestral Dragon. It simply opened its mouth wide and bit into it.


A crisp sound resounded from the middle of the plaza.

The Ancestral Dragon bit into the bottom of the container, leaving a hole in the surface. The green Faith Energy easily poured into its mouth.

All the creatures on the plaza raised their heads, stunned speechless.

All of them were kowtowing with sincerity, completely ignoring the outside world. When Zen had fought the golden-armored warriors, no one was even curious enough to take a look at them. In their eyes, any distraction would mean them desecrating their god.

But now, their god embryo was broken.

All the believers were stunned in silence.

Their god represented everything to them.

How could their god embryo possibly be broken?

Soon after, everyone heard the sound of huge gulps of water being swallowed, the Faith Energy in the container visibly decreasing.

"What is that?"

"Someone is stealing our Faith Energy!"

"Just what is that thing?"

All the corners on the square were thrown into a mess.

To all the believers, the outside world was of no importance—only their own faith mattered. The green liquid in the sphere was proof of that faith. Over a million people spent years in there to form the liquid, and it almost hurt how easily it was swallowed up in the blink of an eye.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

It wasn't only the believers. The other powerful warriors within the shrine were also startled speechless. Several white-robed warriors flew out from the depths of the shrine and took a look at the container before their expressions filled with exasperation.

The Faith Energy they had painstakingly accumulated for years upon years just disappeared in an instant.

In truth, the Luster Force Secret Sect wasn't particularly heavily guarded. Although the Faith Energy was a precious resource, no warrior would try to steal it—it was essentially useless to regular warriors.

Soon, the believers began to chase

ther rough—they liked using blood-red iron flame rocks to construct buildings. Inside the black bricks, faint red flames seemed to flow, giving onlookers a feeling of vigor. Meanwhile, humans' architecture stood very neat, horizontal and vertical, and well-organized.

But the north of the city, the gathering place of many Demon Night members, was made up of massive forests. The roads narrowed into the ground, and even the roots of plants could easily make one stumble over them.

If any other race were to enter the place, it would probably be deemed troublesome. But for Demon Night members who lived on the holy trees since birth, it was no issue.

But the other races wouldn't simply rashly barge into the Demon Night's gathering place. Naturally, Zen's sudden arrival earned many surprised gazes from the Demon Night members.

It was a rather good thing that Zen had Lavender as a guide. Under her instruction, he found the central area of the settlement. It was a huge tree with a height of a thousand feet.

The area was not a sacred place of the Demon Night, so it was naturally impossible for a holy tree to have been settled there. But the appearance of such a massive tree in Auspice City made people rack their brains for an explanation.

Just as Zen approached, two Demon Night members stood in his way. One of them gripped a long spear in her hand as she pointed it at his chest. "Halt, human!"

"What brought you here? Is there someone you are looking for?" the other woman asked.

Only a few number of humans had visited the Demon Night's gathering area. And when they did, it was only for business. The Demon Night had a specific group of warriors responsible for dealing with the other races.

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