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   Chapter 1427 The Second Sword Embryo

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The man in white nodded. "The Luster Force Secret Sect is the biggest secret sect of the human race. Do you have any interest in joining us?"

Freya stood beside Zen, the eyes beneath her thick lashes filled with curiosity.

She was also an ascended warrior and did not know any better about the Upper World than Zen. Previously, she had only gathered some information about Zen's destination and so was able to answer his questions. But she had never learned anything about secret sect and had no idea what it was about.

At the man's invitation, Zen did not speak.

The white-robed man did not force Zen to give him an answer. Instead, he invited Zen with utmost sincerity to follow him to the secret sect.

Entering the grand and imposing building, Zen saw people everywhere…

There were all kinds of people present. Most were ordinary without any cultivation. They ranged from old men to children less than ten years old. At least a million people occupied the huge square.

The people spread out in circles and knelt on the ground. They muttered something, bowing down before the center of the square.

People closer to the inner circle had a higher level of cultivation. About a dozen Spirit Supreme Realm masters were also present in the inner circle. The outer circle was basically filled with ordinary citizens.

Zen's gaze finally landed on the center of the square. In the center was a round, transparent sphere. At the bottom of this sphere was a kind of light green liquid which took up one third of the volume of the sphere.

When Zen looked at the sphere, he felt a faint soul pressure exuding from it.

However, the soul pressure did not have any malicious intent. Neither did it have any kind purpose. It was merely emitting pressure that did not cause any effect.

"This... What is it?" Freya asked.

The white-robed man suddenly spread out his hands and said with a trace of a fervent worship on his face, "This is what we believe in. It's our God, still in its embryonic stage. As long as everyone gives their most sincere love, our True God will gradually grow and reveal Himself and deliver all living creatures from torment..."

These were words that he had perhaps repeated countless times, for he said them with great fluency. It was similar to the way Freya had repeated the names of places on the map before. However, every glance and every action of the white-robed man complemented his words, and unknowingly, a listener could well be convinced and brainwashed.

This method might work on mortals and even some martial artists with weak warrior spirits, however, Zen did not feel anything, and even Freya's face revealed disapproval.

At this moment, Lavender's voice came to his ears. "What he said sounded sanctified, but it's just for the sake of collecting

the talent of being immune to all Original Laws. It would be next to impossible for anyone to hurt it or try to capture it using uncommon tricks.

However, Zen could not release an Ancestral Dragon in the midst of so many people, just so it could devour the Faith Energy. The Faith Energy in the sphere had accumulated over an unfathomable number of years, and it was still not much. Realizing that the sphere would not be taken away anytime soon, Zen knew that he needed to think carefully and work out a good plan if he wanted to help the Ancestral Dragon consume the Faith Energy. At the very least, he should observe first and find an opportunity later...

Thinking of this, Zen prepared to leave.

However, the white-robed martial artist who had been preaching all this time shifted, suddenly aware that Zen was about to leave with Freya. He instantly stood before Zen and tried to maintain an amiable manner as he asked, "Friend, now that you have visited our Luster Force Secret Sect, why don't you join us? If you join, you will get benefits you cannot imagine!"

Zen replied faintly, "I do not need any benefits."

"Friend, having faith can purify your heart and mind. This will be good for you," the white-robed martial artist insisted with a smile.

"I don't require any benefits, haven't I made myself clear?" Zen looked indifferently at the man.

Unexpectedly, the white-robed warrior then said, "All living beings in Auspice City understand that one has only two choices after entering the shrine of our Luster Force Secret Sect. You can be carried out of this place dead, or you can kneel before the square… You see, those members of Demon Night who worshipped their queens also ended up joining our Luster Force Secret Sect!"

After he finished speaking, he pointed to an area in the square, where Zen spotted a few members of the Demon Night.

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