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   Chapter 1426 Secret Sect

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For the past few days, Zen had been in deep thought.

He didn't know much about Supreme Lord Sword, other than he was the owner of the Killing Sword Mountain.

When Zen was still a nature creature, he had once stepped into the Killing Sword Mountain after comprehending the consummate sword intent. Now, he finally realized that the sword stabbed into the summit of the Killing Sword Mountain might belong to Supreme Lord Sword, and that it was also the white sword shadow in front of the huge stone.

Zen wondered if one had to use the sword of Supreme Lord Sword to perform the Gods-intimidating Strike.

Zen immediately rejected this thought. The Gods-intimidating Strike required a type of comprehension that matched that of a divinity. And those who could not display the strike perfectly were probably not in their right state of mind.

If a warrior had completely comprehended the sword strike, then he would be able to unleash a terrifying power even if holding a blade made of grass in his hand. It was true that the two-foot sword of Supreme Lord Sword was a powerful treasure but, in the end, it could only be used to help a warrior perform the Gods-intimidating Strike better.

Zen couldn't stop thinking about these things. As for Freya, she had already packed up her stuff and planned to set off on their journey.

"Right now, we are in the Spiritual Force Sacred Place," Freya said as she poured her life vitality into a jade slip. In an instant, a giant map appeared around the two of them.

This jade slip contained a two-star divine texture and was able to draw a map within it. This display of the map was both intuitive and convenient.

On this map, Freya carefully marked their current location, which was also the location of the Void Flower Hall.

"I've already learned about the entire Spirit Reading World and found out the location of the Dark World. We can pass through this space channel to get to the supreme world channel, so that we can get there faster. Then, we can travel all the way north to the trans-border channel..." Freya said seriously, "Strictly speaking, the Dark World isn't the territory of the alliance. In fact, although the Supreme World is very close to the alliance, there are still many living creatures of all kinds and races gathered there. Besides the human beings, there are other powerful races, including the Demon Night and the Ogres..."

Zen felt taken aback with Freya's words.

"Did you collect all this information in the past few days?" Zen asked.

Freya nodded, and then replied, "It's not difficult to get information about these matters in the Void Flower Hall. I just asked around."

She didn't know anything about these matters before. She didn't even know about which supreme worlds were next to

n and Freya were travelling through Auspice City and moving towards the place that Lincoln designated.

Just like the Holy City of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place, many lines formed by the divine texture were also carved into the sky. All living beings flew along those lines in an orderly manner.

After travelling for an hour, Zen and Freya landed on the ground.

At this moment, a grand and imposing building appeared in front of them. It was a large circular building supported by hundreds of huge stone pillars. A special circular rune was drawn in front of the building.

In front of this building, there were a lot of warriors going in and out. Most of them were human warriors.

"What... place is this?" Zen asked.

Freya got flustered as she heard Zen's question. Although she had a thorough understanding of the Dark World, it was impossible for her to understand everything about it in such a short amount of time. Moreover, this was only a single building in one of the large cities. There might be over one hundred large cities in the Dark World.

Noticing Freya's panic, Zen couldn't help but laugh. Freya was serious all the time and even though being serious was a virtue, there was no need to take his question so seriously. He was only asking casually.

"It doesn't matter. I'll go ask around and figure out what it is," Zen said with a smile.

Freya shook her head and uttered, "I will go then..."

However, at this time, a warrior wearing a long white robe walked up to them and said to Zen, "Hey, if you want to enter, I can show you in!"

Zen was immediately curious but Freya asked, "What is this place?"

The warrior spoke proudly, "This is the Luster Force Secret Sect. Have you heard about it?"

"Secret sect?" Zen's eyes suddenly flashed as he remembered the Holy Maiden of the Divine Kingdom Continent.

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