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   Chapter 1425 Let Me Serve You

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All that Freya had known about the supreme worlds was from hearsays and stories. The Upper World had always been described as a place so immense that one could only imagine its vastness.

A normal warrior at the Soul Sea Realm would have to expend all his life earnings in order to use a space channel that linked supreme worlds.

Even Simply traversing across the Spiritual Force Sacred Place would take a considerable amount of time.

And yet here was Zen, a warrior who had travelled to a place which was more than a thousand worlds away. Furthermore, he came back! It was truly an incredible feat.

Freya had no knowledge of the thirteen palaces that Master Shen had spoken of, but she seemed to have understood Zen's history bit by bit. He was an extraordinary warrior. What could be his reason for appearing in an Ascending Well? He had even mined with her.

The contradictions were tangled threads that she failed to unravel.

Zen had spoken freely, but Master Shen did not probe into his true intentions of this trip.

At some point in their conversation, Master Shen steered into another direction. Turning to Freya, he asked, "Young lady, you are Julian's niece and had also ascended to our Spiritual Force Sacred Place. I wonder what your plans for the future are."

Master Shen was a clever man. He could see that Freya and Zen got along quite well, but he had gleaned from his earlier conversation with Zen that he was simply passing by, and by chance had saved this woman. It was likely that Zen would not bring Freya along as he headed to the Dark World. Master Shen's question spoke of another implication—knowing that Freya would not be travelling with Zen for long, he would be offering her a position in the sacred place.

A faint smile crossed Zen's lips for a moment. Master Shen was indeed a person of wisdom. He remained silent as the older man waited for Freya's answer. Zen and Freya were acquaintances at best, and they had yet to be closer to consider each other friends.

The question made Freya turn nervous. "I...I don't know..." she stammered.

Her thoughts swirled wildly in her head as she considered the question.

She had gone to her own uncle, but he had offered her nothing but disappointment. He offered her no assistance, and had even wanted to send her off to another man as a gift. Now that her uncle was dead, she had no direction. No clear answer came to her even as she pondered over the question.

Master Shen's next words came as a surprise. "If you would like, I can help you enter the Myriad Spiritual Force House of our Spiritual Force Sacred Place. It would give you a chance to hold the position of a city lord in the future. I can keep your uncle's position for you. What do you think?" he said with a smile.

'The Myriad Spiritual Force House? A city lord?'

Freya's thoughts were all in a muddle. There had

diligently, not even sparing a moment to rest.

Apart from cultivation, he was also still reflecting on the Gods-intimidating Strike that he had just comprehended.

The most profound aspect of the technique was still beyond him. Perhaps he would never be able to unleash that sword strike unless he abandoned all emotions.

It was a task that demanded much, but Supreme Lord Sword had perfectly executed it.

It was not that Zen overestimated himself and compared himself to a Supreme Lord.

It was just that he already had a rough notion of the Gods-intimidating Strike's secret.

In the legends of the Upper World, it was said that one could become a True God after abandoning his emotions.

The very few Supreme Lords who were able to jump out of the heavens were the ones that could successfully sever ties to their mortal nature and lay claim to a True God's character. Only then would they have the qualifications to become True Gods.

Abandoning all of one's emotions was a feat that troubled even Supreme Lords.

Like those who were cursing at each other with the Roaring Tokens, all of them possessed violent tempers, and this anger was the most difficult to subdue.

Despite their unbelievable strength, this was the task of a lifetime.

Even Supreme Lord Sword had yet to become a True God.

However, the power of his sword strike would be enough to face a True God. Legend had it that he had once injured one. There was only one explanation for this. His Gods-intimidating Strike had been executed in a completely emotionless state, but he was still unable to completely relinquish his emotions. Had he done so, he would have long since become a True God.

Supreme Lord Sword must have used some other method as replacement, or perhaps he had found a way to reach a state when he was free of emotions. Zen pondered for a long time, thinking of what method Supreme Lord Sword had used.

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