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   Chapter 1424 The Feast

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To be able to gain the position of a hall leader in a tenth-grade sacred place, Master Shen was definitely a clever man.

He was indeed acutely aware of what it meant for Yolande, the leader of the Mist Palace, to turn up unexpectedly and take Zen away personally.

Though he fell short in terms of the ability to carry out an investigation and deduce the secrets within, he didn't need to know that.

It was more than enough for him to be enlightened that the one who took Zen away was the leader of the Mist Palace and also the daughter of a Supreme Lord. When she had come here, the lord of the Spirit Reading World had personally welcomed her. The thirty-six hall leaders didn't even have the chance to meet her.

From the very beginning, Master Shen had considered that Zen might have a solid base and strong background within the sacred place. It was also because of the Saint Lord's orders that they had brought him to the Holy City.

However, little did he expect that Yolande would come to this supreme world and take Zen to the Mist Palace herself.

Such a background truly made Master Shen afraid for a while. They even cautiously recalled whether they had taken good care of Zen on their way to the Holy City.

And now, Zen had currently returned to the Spiritual Force Sacred Place.

Undoubtedly, that was a journey across over a thousand supreme worlds! Even if it was Master Shen himself, crossing over the same distance was still an exceedingly difficult task. He would probably have to spend all of his wealth and endless time.

Zen had left for the Mist Palace, which was over a thousand supreme worlds away, and just briefly returned.

Even Zen hadn't realized that this was a magnificent feat in many warriors' eyes. At the very least, there weren't many Soul Sea Realm warriors who could cross over so many supreme worlds. Only the top talents of supreme worlds had the resources and ability to do so.

Master Shen then discreetly swept his gaze over the place and immediately recognized the Heavenly Phoenix Horse behind Zen. Although he was unable to determine the origin of the sword in Zen's hand, spotting a first-rank divine weapon based on his experience was easy as falling off a log. Likewise, the strong aura of the Law Power, being faintly transmitted from the sword, was too outstanding among the first-rank divine weapons for him not to notice.

If it was merely an ordinary warrior leading a Heavenly Phoenix Horse and holding a first-rank divine weapon instead of Zen, Master Shen might seriously scheme to kill him and seize his treasures away. After all, obtaining these extraordinary things in this life would be rather difficult for him. Be that as it might, he didn't have the guts to act rashly and assault Zen.

Not only did he not dare to behave recklessly, he even raised his hand and destroyed Julian's blood essence. Then he refined it into a piece of blood essence spirit.

Soon after, he found himself apologetical

down everything as if it was her only meal.

With the way Freya devoured her dish, none of the numerous maids at the Soul Sea Realm in the hall dared to laugh at her. They didn't even have the nerve to look at her with a hint of despise in their eyes.

Zen and Freya were both at the early stage of the Soul Sea Realm. Their cultivation level was even lower than that of the dancing and singing ladies in the hall. However, the two of them were their leader's distinguished guests. Under these circumstances, who would be bold enough to show the slightest bit of contempt? Otherwise, they would be courting death.

As for Zen, he didn't gobble his food as Freya did. After gaining admission at the thirteen palaces, he now understood that from the time when he was a warrior at the Soul Sea Realm, every step he advanced would not only depend on his talent but would also consume a large number of resources.

What was placed before him at the feast was not the resources he deemed to consider as vital. Even the several tenth-grade sacred places would fall short in supplying the resources he needed.

"Zen, you had gone to the thirteen palaces earlier, but why did you decide to come to our supreme world this time?" Master Shen started to probe curiously. "If I remember correctly, the distance between the Mist Palace and the Spirit Reading World is one thousand three hundred and twenty supreme worlds."

Zen had already guessed that Master Shen would not let him off easily with this question. With a faint smile, he responded, "I can't possibly stay in the Mist Palace forever to cultivate. Even the warriors in the palace would have to go out to train. I just have an appointment with a friend in the Dark World."

He felt that there was no need to hide his whereabouts, so he did not conceal anything.

Freya, who was sitting beside him, was quite stunned as her eyelashes trembled. What did it mean that he had traveled across more than a thousand supreme worlds?

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