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   Chapter 1423 Jevan Shen (Part Two)

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"Sir, this is the kid I was telling you about. He has a first-rank divine weapon and the Heavenly Phoenix Horse as his mount." Julian told Jevan in a low voice, "And the woman beside him is the woman I was going to send to you. She will be the best human cauldron ever for cultivation."

Upon hearing her uncle's words, Freya was both sad and angry. Her uncle wanted her to be the human cauldron for someone who had power over him! It seemed that the man that her uncle was talking about was this very person standing right in front of her. Suddenly, she felt awful about going to her uncle when she got into the Upper World. She never dreamed that her own uncle would be such a despicable person who even tried to get his hand on his own niece!

Averting her gaze from her sinister uncle, Freya turned her eyes on the other man accompanying him. This person's cultivation base was much higher than her uncle's. She wondered if Zen was strong enough to deal with him. Although Zen's performance was astounding in Freya's opinion, no matter how talented he was, there was still a limit of his capability. 'Defeating his uncle whose cultivation is a whole realm higher than his was already a miracle. How could he possibly defeat this person who might be two or more levels above him?' This thought instantly worried Freya.

The stranger sized up Zen for a few times and a modest smile appeared on his face. He waved at Zen and spoke to him in a very friendly tone, "Zen, it's good to see you again so soon."

Upon seeing Jevan, Zen nodded slightly and replied, "Master Shen, good to see you, too."

Both Freya and Julian were shocked at this friendly exchange. Both of them just stood there, dumbfounded as they had assumed that these two were enemies. However, shortly after, a smile eventually appeared on Freya's face. She assumed that this man was nothing like her own uncle.

Even if Julian was in the form of blood mist, Zen could still see the unease on his face, quite contrary to his niece.

'This can't be real! Master Sh

proper management that caused my man to make such a big mistake. I sincerely apologize for that." After he finished groveling, he glanced at Julian who was standing beside him and continued deliberately, "I know now that this subordinate of mine is extremely vicious. If he was going to treat his own relative in such horrible way, then he has decided his own destiny, which is to be expelled from the position of city lord. I hope this decision will ease the tension of your beautiful female friend."

Now, if Julian's face was in its true form, it must've turned pale like a blank piece of paper. He was deeply terrified that his horrible premonition had come true!

Without a second thought, Julian turned around all of a sudden and ran like he was being chased by the devil. As a human-shaped blood mist, he was able to run at a greater speed. In a split second, he had put fifty feet between them.

Jevan sneered and pointed his finger at Julian, as though anticipating this outcome. Almost immediately, Julian let out a blood-curdling scream. At the same time, he collapsed and turned into several streams of blood froth. Then, the blood froth changed its shape repeatedly as if it was being compressed by an invisible hand. Gradually, Julian was kneaded by the compressing air, and shrank into a small piece of blood vigor, as light as a feather.

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