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   Chapter 1422 Jevan Shen (Part One)

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The sudden burst of power in the sword attack which Zen unleashed indeed alarmed Jevan Shen.

Jevan didn't think the sword strike was that powerful at first. In fact, because there was a considerable distance between them, he had yet to witness the full power of Zen's sword strike with his own eyes.

But, he did detect a very unique intention from the aura emitted by the sword.

That was also why he had come looking for them. He even searched and went all the way to the Bright Sky City for the source of the sword strike.

By the time he arrived at the Bright Sky City, he saw a mist of blood shaping in the form of a human rushing towards him.

Jevan glanced over indifferently with his brows knitted, "Julian? What's wrong? What made you like this?"

Jevan was in charge of over a thousand cities, and only thirty of them were under the control of the warriors who had ascended from the Lower World. Julian was one of the city lords whom Jevan happened to know well.

"S...sir... My body was destroyed by a brat. He has turned me into this, a blood shadow of my own self!" The lord of the Bright Sky City informed Jevan in a dejected tone. Suddenly, a gleam of hope flickered in his eyes, "But sir, that punk had a piece of treasure in his possession. I guess he hasn't left the Bright Sky City yet."

"Oh?" A strange look took over Jevan's face. 'How could someone in possession of a treasure dare to seek trouble in the Spiritual Force Sacred Place?' The recklessness confused Jevan.

"Sir, I will take you there right away!" offered Julian hastily. Without further ado, Julian led the way with Jevan followed him closely. Since Julian's physical body was destroyed, it was impossible for him to covet Zen's Heavenly Phoenix Horse or the first-rank divine weapon anymore. However, if he were to help Jevan attain these treasures, he might benefit more from him later.

At the same time across the city, Freya was on the Heavenly Phoenix Horse with Zen. She was gazing at Zen with admiration. During this short period of time, he had slain the lord of the Bright Sky City, be

s a trustworthy partner to her now. So she lightly tilted his body and tried to hide behind him without giving it much thought.

Zen scanned the two men standing in front of them. To everyone's surprise, a faint smile appeared on his face. He seemed to have sensed Freya's nervousness, so he moved toward Freya and tried to comfort her with a soothing voice, "It's all right; he seems to be one of my acquaintances."

Following the 'blood mist lord' of the Bright Sky City, Jevan rushed to the west side of the city. Before he arrived there, he was quite confused about Julian's description of the intruder. But, when he reached and finally saw Zen with his own eyes, the questions in his mind vanished. Standing in front of Zen, Jevan raised his eyebrows and looked him up and down.

There was no big change in Zen's appearance, apparently. After breaking through to the Soul Sea Realm, Zen's cultivation base had advanced by leaps and bounds. It seemed to Jevan that his temperament had become even more powerful. This made him somewhat suspicious for a moment.

'Zen should have been taken away by the palace leader of the Mist Palace. He shouldn't be here! Even if he did escape the Mist Palace, why on earth is he here at the Spiritual Force Sacred Place all by himself?' Jevan thought to himself. In fact, for a moment, he wasn't sure whether the young man next to him was Zen or not!

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