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   Chapter 1421 The Shocking Sword Strike

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In the eyes of the warrior dressed in the blood-red robe, Zen had just overestimated his own strength, and it would be reckless for Zen to attack him.

However, in Zen's opinion, it was a chance for him to test his strength.

The Spirit Supreme Realm warrior's strength was much higher than any Soul Sea Realm warrior's. When Zen had been in the Lower World, the strength displayed by the seven Spirit Supreme Realm warriors of the Celestial Position had surprised him, making him marvel at their power. However, although the warrior in the blood robe was also at the Spirit Supreme Realm, he was only the lord of a city in the Spiritual Force Sacred Place. His strength might not be on par with the seven warriors of the Celestial Position. Either way, Zen was curious to find out.

When he saw his Nether God Shadows being instantly shattered, Zen rapidly retreated, ignoring the no-fly ban on the sky!

'The strength of a Spirit Supreme Realm warrior is indeed more powerful than I have imagined. This man is merely the lord of a city, and his talent might not be so outstanding. However, the power of that blood spear is beyond my expectations, ' Zen marveled.

Zen was constantly pondering this information in his mind. Facing the thrust of the blood-red long spear, Zen gently waved his long sword, causing wind blades and lightning to once again shoot towards the warrior in the blood robe. This attack proved ineffective though. The blood-red spear was very strange. In an instant, it turned into many blood flowers, which mixed with the Law Power, instantly melting the wind blades and lightning.

"It's no use, Brat. Among warriors of the Soul Sea Realm, you are indeed very remarkable, possessing a formidable strength; however, your comprehension of the Law Power is still not developed enough..." After he finished speaking, the warrior dressed in the blood robe raised his blood-red spear once more. In an instant, the no-fly ban on the entire Bright Sky City seemed to cooperate with him!

The black net, which had been filled with streams of blood aura at the beginning, started to turn into a dark red net. Under this large net, tiny blood threads extended out and continuously interweaved, forming a huge blood net cage that locked around Zen and the warrior dressed in the blood robe.

Freya quietly sat on the Heavenly Phoenix Horse with a nervous expression on her face. Fighting against the warrior in the blood robe earlier, Zen had been forced to keep on retreating. Now he had become trapped in the large cage, there was nowhere for him to retreat anymore! He was trapped!

"It's over... You and Freya ascended to the Upper World at the same time, but I do not know how you managed to obtain a first-rank divine weapon and that Heavenly Phoenix Horse in the short span of a single year. However, that is no longer important, because everything that you possess will now be mine!"

In the cage, the greedy look upon the face of the warrior in the blood robe gradually became more and more intense. He no longer hid anything from Zen and leered at him with a terrible rage.

Zen merely glance

Place controlled a thousand cities. In the eyes of the lord of Bright Sky City, those masters were very mighty and powerful, and were extremely important figures within the Spiritual Force Sacred Place. After the blood man completely absorbed the blood in the pool, he rushed out of the chamber, still dripping crimson splashes on the cobbled floor.

The power that had erupted from Zen's sword strike was too strong. It had easily pierced through the physical body of the warrior in the blood robe, and had also easily destroyed the no-fly ban. The sword intent had stretched out across an extreme distance, spanning tens of thousands of miles. Only then had the sword force that Zen had gathered finally dissipated.

Even after dissipating, the power of that sword momentum was still felt by a great many warriors.

Many powerful warriors within a radius of over one hundred thousand miles all felt the formidable sword power at the same time. The lords of more than one hundred cities came forth out of their residences and raised their heads to look at the echoes of the sword strike that was coming from the west. Their faces were all serious and ireful.

Under normal circumstances, the Spiritual Force Sacred Place did not experience any large conflicts. After all, ordinary warriors did not dare to fight within the Spiritual Force Sacred Place. However, who were the warriors that had been fighting just now? And only a powerful Spirit Supreme Realm warrior, who used all of his strength, would have been able to unleash such power....

Many of the city lords felt the remnant power of the sword attack and rushed towards Bright Sky City. The first to arrive at the city was a hall master of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place.

This master's surname was Shen, and he could have been considered an acquaintance of Zen. When Zen had left the mine in the past, it was Master Shen and Master He who had led him to the Holy City. There was a history between him and Zen.

He had just hastened over when he saw a bloody figure emitting a bloody light rushing towards him.

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