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   Chapter 1420 What Price

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The warrior's blood colored robes flapped with the wind. Naturally, he could tell that the horse Zen rode was no ordinary one.

The animal puzzled him at first glance, but once he sensed that the horse had the bloodline of a legendary beast, he was certain that this youth was riding the famous and precious Heavenly Phoenix Horse!

It was known that martial artists couldn't travel fast enough across a supreme world if they only relied on their physical bodies to fly.

It would still take a long time even for warriors of the Spirit Supreme Realm to travel across a supreme world through a space tunnel.

There were a few ways to move through supreme worlds: by mastering the skill of spatial transference, by using top-rank treasures to fly, or by riding a legendary beast.

For example, the Azure Smoke Bird and the Heavenly Phoenix Horse which Zen rode were legendary beasts which were of great help for warriors' travels.

However, it was extremely difficult to capture a legendary beast; and even harder to suppress and tame one.

The warrior's brows furrowed. The Heavenly Phoenix Horse the young man rode had actually been tamed...

He clearly knew what a tamed Heavenly Phoenix Horse meant. It was likely something that even the Saint Lord of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place was keen to possess.

If the warrior could get the Heavenly Phoenix Horse, he wouldn't use it for himself. It wasn't something someone of his level could own--but if he offered this legendary beast to someone with a higher rank, he would greatly benefit from it.

As the warrior thought of it, the greed in his heart continuously entangled him like dark, black vines.

However, the warrior was not a fool. It was impossible to capture such a creature in the wild. Even if they were strong enough to capture one, there was no way for them to tame it.

He glanced at the young man once again. Since he possessed a domesticated Heavenly Phoenix Horse, he must've come from a powerful background.

It was this very reason the warrior didn't choose to fight Zen directly and take his Heavenly Phoenix Horse away. Instead, his face softened as he said, "Freya, as your uncle, I have treated you well. Why did you run away like this?"

Ever since Freya had chosen to escape with Zen, she knew that there was no turning back. "Uncle Julian, I've traveled far to reach here after I ascended to the Upper World, hoping to have your help in securing a better future for me. Alas, you will just make me a human cauldron, and sacrifice me to help someone in his cultivation. How could I willingly become someone else's human cauldron?" she said coldly.

In turn, the warrior in blood red robes forced a smile. "Freya, you might have misunderstood me. I have strived hard in the Upper World. I can tell you from my experience that it is muc

rful Zen was, he probably couldn't beat her uncle.

The warrior in blood red robes gazed at Zen for a while then said, "Interesting... But your strength isn't enough..."

After that, a violent and malicious aura shot out from the warrior and spread out like a tide. The weaker martial artists and the many mortals in the entire Bright Sky City all trembled in fear under the pressure. The majority of them didn't even dare raise their heads.

Meanwhile, the Life and Death Realm and Soul Sea Realm warriors watched the battle in the sky from a corner of the city.

"The lord of the Bright Sky City actually came down personally to fight!"

"Why does his opponent seem to be a kid who has just entered the Soul Sea Realm?"

"Don't underestimate that young man. He has instantly defeated six warriors at the late stage of the Soul Sea Realm! Is he a core talent from a sacred place?"

In the battle, a mass of constantly boiling blood rose up from the warrior's hands. It swirled continuously until it gradually formed into a blood red long spear.

He waved the blood red spear for a bit, then pointed it at Zen. "You'll soon know the price you have to pay!" he declared.

Zen's face hardened at that moment, and he didn't say another word. This was his first time to face a Spirit Supreme Realm master. As he lightly swung the Thunder Wind Divine Sword, a ray of lighting and a wind blade crossed paths with each other. On the other hand, Nether God Shadows rushed towards the warrior in blood red robes from different directions.

"Come on!" the warrior in red shouted.

The blood red spear quickly shot out several times. Each strike had successfully hit Zen's Nether God Shadows and shattered them!

But he wasn't finished. After he broke Zen's Nether God Shadows, his long spear charged straight towards Zen, like a cyan dragon that dove into the depths of the sea.

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