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   Chapter 1419 The City Lord

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No one dared cause trouble here.

While Bright Sky City was insignificant in the Upper World, it still had the support of the Spiritual Force Sacred Place.

Not even someone like Zen, nor the other martial artists at the Spirit Supreme Realm, nor those at levels even higher than the Spirit Supreme Realm would ever dare to stir up anything risky.

If they offended Bright Sky City, they would, in turn, offend the thirty-six halls, and then the Spiritual Force Sacred Place—the Saint Lord of the sacred place was much stronger than a world lord.

The martial artists showed mercy to Zen. To begin with, Zen's bearing was already extraordinary, and his horse in tow was nowhere near ordinary. Anyone would assume that he had a special background.

But at that moment, Zen had completely ignored their warnings—he was determined to take Freya away. Some would have called it wishful thinking.

"What do I mean? Don't you understand?" Zen replied with a smile. Then, he turned to Freya. "Let's go."

His frankness stunned her for a moment—she was moved by Zen's utter willingness to come and see her in spite of everything he had to endure.

But even though he had broken through to the Soul Sea Realm, taking her away was basically impossible. They couldn't afford to offend the city they were in.

"Zen, you have to go. I… I can't leave." Freya shook her head in defeat. In that moment, she regretted burning up the message rune to ask him for help. There was never any hope, in the first place, but because Zen was the only one she met after ascending into the Upper World, burning the message rune for him seemed like the only thing to do. Anything was better than nothing, after all.

The chance of him receiving the message was incredibly slim, yet he got it anyway after leaving the mine. But what for?

The four martial artists had already made their moves, surrounding Zen from all directions. Their compelling eyes were fixed on him, silently willing him into submission. The leader of the group had a particularly icy glint in his glare. A bright silver short sword was in his grasp, a kind of black light revolving around it. "I've already given you a chance to back down. Now, I won't let you escape!"

The second he finished speaking, he moved in to attack Zen.

These martial artists were no pushovers. It was clear that they thought highly of Zen. Otherwise, they wouldn't have waited so patiently. They were under the impression that Zen just didn't know what was good for him—he must've had a death wish if he wanted to take Freya away in those circumstances.

Four martial

the horse's neck, it raised its hooves before shooting toward the sky as if it could run on the clouds.

At first, it didn't feel particularly fast. But in only nine seconds, it was already in the sky. When it arrived the height of ten thousand feet, a huge net suddenly appeared in the sky to stop Zen in his path.

The strange net seemed to cover the city's entire sky.

"It's a no-fly ban," Freya reminded him.

When he saw the restriction, Zen's expression didn't shift in the slightest. As he brandished his sword once again, the sword's light rippled like billowing waves.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

When Zen's sword hit the net, crisp sounds resounded from the impact. But the slashes did nothing for the restriction. Zen was puzzled.

As he wondered why nothing was working, a burst of vigorous and powerful laughter suddenly resounded from afar.

"Haha! Well well, this is a first. How dare you cause trouble in the city?" From not very far away, ten beams of light flew over. The leader, wrapped in a blood-red light, wore a robe just as red. His eyes seemed to emit some kind of uniquely fierce aura as if he had just practiced some extremely powerful, evil technique.

Seeing that person fly over, Freya's expression shifted drastically behind Zen. "Uncle…"

Hearing her voice, Zen began sizing up the group's leader, his expression turning deadly-calm. "A Spirit Supreme Realm powerhouse. Is he your uncle?"

"Yes." Frey nodded. "He's also the lord of Bright Sky City."

As she spoke, the martial artist wearing a blood-red robe arrived. He glanced at Zen indifferently before his gaze landed on the Heavenly Phoenix Horse. He became stunned for a moment, a trace of greed appearing on his face right after.

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