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   Chapter 1418 Imprisonment (Part Two)

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Although she told Zen that she was in great trouble, she was equivocal about it and wouldn't divulge much information about the nature of her problem.

He had no choice but to keep following her directions. He arrived at the appointed place and saw a residence with a pretty good environment. To his astonishment, there were four Soul Sea Realm warriors guarding the residence. He also sensed several divine textures around the house, as well as the presence of hidden auras of powerful warriors inside the building.

Seeing this scene, Zen immediately understood what was going on. Freya was imprisoned here by someone!

"What are you doing here?" yelled one of the guarding warriors when he noticed Zen.

Admittedly, these warriors were not as smart as the soldiers guarding the trans-border channel. The soldiers guarding the trans-border channel had seen many warriors from different places every day. Thanks to their occupation, they had a clear understanding of mounts, which was why they were able to recognize the Heavenly Phoenix Horse at a single glance.

These warriors were under the city lord's order to guard this place. Although they sensed that Zen's horse was not an ordinary beast, they weren't afraid of offending him.

Zen frowned at their bad attitude. He raised an eyebrow and answered honestly, "I'm looking for Freya."

The warriors exchanged glances with each other. They knew that Freya had just ascended from the Lower World not long ago. They couldn't figure out how Zen knew her.

"We don't know anyone by this name. Now get out of here!" The same warrior replied impatiently.

But Zen pointed towards the residence and said, "I know she's inside the building. She just sent me a message using her life vitality."

Since Zen had exposed their lies, the warriors had to gi

ed that their experiences in the Upper World would be so different.

In a last-ditch attempt, she had asked Zen for help through the message rune even though she knew that with his current strength, it was almost impossible for him to save her.

Her uncle was the city lord and his cultivation base was at the late stage of the Spirit Supreme Realm, while Zen was just an ordinary warrior who had ascended from the Lower World.

Zen smiled faintly at her and said, "No wonder you asked me for help. I didn't expect your uncle to imprison you!"

"I used the message rune because I didn't have any other choice. But you should leave, Zen. I don't want to get you into trouble," Freya said, shaking her head. She calmed down a little after she saw Zen, and resigned to her ugly fate. Finding her uncle had been her own choice, while Zen was just a friend who she met in the mines. There was no reason for him to risk everything and save her.

Besides, even if Zen wanted to save her, he probably wouldn't be able to do so.

But to her surprise, he extended his hand towards her and said firmly, "Come with me. It's all right."

Hearing his words, the guarding warriors' faces immediately darkened.

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