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   Chapter 1417 Imprisonment (Part One)

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Zen dashed forward with the Heavenly Phoenix Horse as his mount.

Only a month had passed since he had made the appointment with Lincoln, and five more months were there for Zen to do whatever he wanted.

He had met Freya through a chance encounter but she had helped him to collect life vitality jades in the mines.

He wondered what kind of trouble she got into after they went their separate ways.

Pondering this, he spurred the horse onward and left the trans-border channel. The soldiers guarding the passage sized up his horse and were immediately respectful towards him.

Normally, it cost travelers a large amount of life vitality jade to use this passage, so Zen was about to pull out his Gauze Token, which would give him a free pass, but to his surprise, the soldiers permitted him through without asking for the toll.

These soldiers were obviously smart. They knew that a warrior using a legendary beast as his mount was not someone they could afford to offend. If this distinguished visitor on the Heavenly Phoenix Horse had a bad temper, they would regret inconveniencing him. Therefore, no one dared to keep Zen even for a second.

After Zen left the trans-border channel and entered the common teleportation channel, the soldiers stared after him and began to discuss in low voices.

"Oh my god! It's a Heavenly Phoenix Horse! Such a rare thing in a remote supreme world like ours!"

"I bet that even the Saint Lord of our Spiritual Force Sacred Place doesn't have the ways and means of getting this horse. Who's this talented young man?"

"Could he be the son of a world lord? He must be! There's no other explanation. But it's strange that he has no arrogance of a rich man. Instead, he seems like an easy-going man..."

They didn't know that six months ago, Zen had just ascended

ch cities.

After arriving at the Bright Sky City, Zen ordered his Heavenly Phoenix Horse to descend to the ground. There was a no-fly ban in the city, so it was not a good idea for him to ride his flying horse into the city.

After he landed, he took out the spirit beast bag, wanting to drive the Heavenly Phoenix Horse into it.

The space inside the spirit beast bag was quite large, but to Zen's surprise, the Heavenly Phoenix Horse seemed to be rather resistant to the spirit beast bag. It raised its forelegs and kept retreating, refusing to enter the spirit beast bag.

"What's wrong?"

The horse had been very docile the whole way. So Zen was perplexed by the beast's reaction. He couldn't understand why it resisted the spirit beast bag.

"Could it be because of the Ancestral Dragon?" Lavender asked.

The Ancestral Dragon was a very special creature after all. Despite its submissiveness to Zen, its overwhelming aura couldn't be ignored. The Heavenly Phoenix Horse was also a legendary beast, but it had an instinctive fear of the Ancestral Dragon, so Zen had no choice but to lead the horse into the city.

On the way, he continued communicating with Freya through the message rune.

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