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Zen left on a Heavenly Phoenix Horse.

This legendary beast that was used for travelling was considered rare even in the Upper World. Naturally, it was gifted to Zen by Yolande in honor of all Zen's accomplishments.

After he had left, Yolande turned around and returned to the depths of her palace.

On a flight of stairs deep within the hall, there was an obscure and complex divine texture carved into it. As Yolande stepped onto the stairs and activated the divine texture, a black figure began to emerge from the air around her.

"Father," she called out.

Yolande's father was Supreme Lord Healum, one of the three great heads of the alliance.

Supreme Lords were the most supreme entities in the entire universe. Even Yolande would not disturb her father easily, unless she had an important matter to discuss with him. Theirs was a formal, but familial bond.

Supreme Lord Healum had an indifferent expression. Even when he was facing his own daughter, his tone of voice didn't contain the least bit of emotion. He was consumed by his status, and had left the more mundane emotions, such as love, behind. "Has that brat left?" he asked.

Yolande nodded absently.

"I will do everything I can to help you with your plan. However, there are no secrets under the heavens. If you can think of something, then they can think of it as well," said Supreme Lord Healum in warning.

Yolande smiled sweetly. "Of course, I know that. There are a lot of people who know that Zen is a man without destiny. So what? What can they do about it? The fate of a man without destiny cannot be deduced or determined. It is a path that no one can estimate. I am only being very careful in pushing Zen from behind. Who can say for sure about what will happen in the future?"

"That's true. The most difficult thing for a schemer is to jump out of a rut. Yolande, you're not good at scheming, but this time you are doing great," Supreme Lord Healum complimented, though his tone remained indifferent.

"Thank you, Father, for your appreciation," Yolande smiled sweetly despite the customary cold shoulder which he gave her.

"However, you still have to be careful. Zen's luck is truly rare, and the things he is trying to accomplish are not trivial. For example, he wants to help the Demon Night's Queen of Killings regain her throne. That will be extremely difficult. If he were to die on that mission, it would be a pity and a waste."

"Yes, Father. I understand."

Her father had always spoken very little. A Supreme Lord was at the stage where they could sever all emotions and attempt to obtain a trace of divinity. He had almost ceased to be human now.

Because of that, her father had never revealed any emotions since she was born. He was still as cold as ever today, but Yolande was very happy to hear him say so much to her, and he even showed a minuscule trace of concern.

Ever since she had reported Zen's news to her father, Healum had shown much interest in Zen. This was the first time she'd received her father's praise since she'd become a martial artist. Though she had told herself that she didn't need his approval, the validation was nice.

Traveling on a legendary beast through the passages of the supreme world


When he thought about it later, he found it had indeed been a very laughable thing to do.

The universe was simply too vast. One supreme world was already far beyond their imagination in size. In the Lower World, the most powerful message rune could travel around thirty thousand miles; and though the quality of the message rune that Freya had exchanged with Zen was even higher, it could only reach sixty thousand miles.

Sixty thousand miles in the great world was enough to cover a continent, and could even transmit their voices between two continents.

But in the Upper World, this distance would seem ridiculously short. Even when Zen was in the Enchanted Barrier Tower during Passing the Torch, he had withstood the Law Storm and had rushed over a distance of thirty thousand miles.

Since this message rune was ringing in his ears, it meant that the distance between him and Freya was within sixty thousand miles. In a supreme world, this distance was very short, almost equal to the distance from his home to the market.

Zen wasn't overly familiar with Freya. Back then, in order to leave the mines, the two of them had a mutually beneficial use of each other. It had been because of Zen that she was able to leave the mines earlier. Of course, what happened afterwards proved that even if Zen did not mine, there would in any case be people who would take him away.

'Freya is in trouble?'

Zen didn't know when she had burnt her message rune. Perhaps it was several months ago, and that message rune had still been reverberating here. There was no way to tell.

She had told Zen that one of her uncles held the position of city lord in the Spiritual Force Sacred Place. Zen supposed that, given her status, she would be treated better than ordinary warriors who had ascended.

A hint of hesitation appeared on Zen's face, but he still lightly patted the Heavenly Phoenix Horse's neck. Following Yolande's instructions on riding the magnificent beast, he stopped the Heavenly Phoenix Horse, and turned around to leave the passageway. Zen would never leave a friend in need, and he wanted to find out what trouble Freya was in.

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