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   Chapter 1415 The Secret Treasures

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Zen was a bit surprised that Lincoln had taken the effort to come and visit him.

The reason why he had decided to deliberately succumb to defeat before Lincoln was that he felt that Layla's experiences were somewhat similar to his.

However, the issues Zen was facing were even more troublesome. As of that moment, he didn't have the slightest idea of Yan's whereabouts. Although he had used the Roaring Token to shout throughout the entire universe, his efforts went in vain.

Lincoln was also a straightforward person. After he'd arrived, he bowed quite low before Zen to express his sincere gratitude.

It might have been a trivial matter as far as Zen was concerned, but for Lincoln, the meaning of gaining his freedom was extraordinary.

Sometime ago, he had offended the son of a Supreme Lord and was exiled to the Villain World. Hence, his future prospects were practically ruined. A meagre lifespan of just 800 years was too short for warriors, but now having obtained freedom was an extensively fortunate thing for him.

Layla, on the other hand, sat quietly by her brother's side. Feelings originating inside her were naturally very complicated.

From the moment she entered the Mist Palace, she had treated Zen as her opponent, and she had provoked him very frequently. However, he remained unmoved no matter what, and he had gone to great lengths to help her brother obtain his freedom.

"This time, I've come here almost entirely for the sake of my sister. But I have another important matter to discuss with you!" Lincoln cupped his hands and said.

"What is it?" Zen seemed to be faintly surprised. He was under the impression that Lincoln had arrived only to thank him.

Lincoln's eyes flashed, his face revealing a trace of vigilance. He extended his hand and took out a light yellow divine texture. After pouring his life vitality into it, an invisible enchanted barrier began to spread out, enveloping the three of them within it.

Noticing that Lincoln was being overly cautious, Zen was intrigued. What exactly was so important that he needed to be this cautious?

After that, Lincoln cupped his hands again and said, "If this was occurring some time ago, I wouldn't have told anyone about this even if my life was at risk. But you are different. You are

in the Dark World after half a year.

Zen wouldn't go back on his word.

After the brother and sister left, Zen asked Lavender, "Lavender, what's wrong with the secret treasures of the Dark World? Why did you wish my presence in this team?"

Hearing his innocent question, Lavender gradually condensed in front of Zen. She smiled slightly before uttering, "The secret treasures of the Dark World were a legend from an hundred thousand years ago. However, as the person involved, I happen to know some of the secrets within. There are some things that are quite important to you."

"I don't know if this warrior named Lincoln really has a way to obtain the secret treasures, but it's certainly worth a try."

Hearing Lavender's words, Zen silently nodded his head in approval.

He couldn't have stayed at the Mist Palace to cultivate forever. Furthermore, he had promised Lavender that he would help her return to the throne.

Half a year's time was simply too short for the warriors of the Upper World. In order to travel through the supreme worlds, one had to travel for months, and after a simple preparation, Zen bid farewell to Yolande. Yolande was not at all astonished by Zen's abrupt departure. Even the warriors of the thirteenth palaces would look for an opportunity to go out and train, not to mention the fact that she had promised Zen that she would not give him much restraint from the very beginning.

Without further delay, Zen quietly left the Mist Palace and barged into the supreme world channel.

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