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   Chapter 1414 Lincoln Arrived

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The curtain in the Sword Practicing Hall displayed the rankings of warriors.

If Gorman remembered correctly, the topmost record had been set by Javier, and it was 32 times stronger than a warrior at the Illuminating Soul Realm.

Going purely by this, Javier's strength should be more than ten times that of Gorman. However, there were many variables in a fight. Some cultivation methods were extremely powerful, but they might not be able to evoke particularly great power.

Therefore, it was not certain that Javier was definitely ten times stronger than Gorman, but it was certain that Javier was much stronger than Gorman.

When Gorman's gaze fell on the screen, he was stunned.

"Three hundred and seventy-nine times? This is impossible!"

Gorman was dumbstruck for a while, unable to form a sentence.

In terms of pure power, the number one on the screen was over a hundred times more powerful than him. This person was also more than ten times stronger than Javier, the number one disciple of the Swallow Cloud House.

"This is impossible," he murmured again.

A warrior who was capable of invoking such power was definitely not at the Soul Sea Realm. He would at least be a Spirit Supreme Realm warrior.

This was the conclusion Gorman arrived at.

However, the strongest disciple in the thirteen palaces was at the Soul Sea Realm. The Mist Palace would not enroll a disciple at the Spirit Supreme Realm.

'It should be a steward from the Mist Palace. Or maybe an executive, or the palace leader, or some vice palace leader, ' he thought.

But this was a low possibility, as the Sword Practicing Hall was a cultivation place only used for sword practicing. Gorman had never seen an executive from the Mist Palace practice in here before.

After all, if they were to practice in here, the records on the curtain screen wouldn't be just a hundred times higher than the power of an Illuminating Soul Realm warrior, it would be tens or even hundreds of thousands of times higher. And the Illusion Space would not be able to bear their attacks.

As the sky gradually brightened, more and more warriors entered the Sword Practicing Hall. Many warriors checked the rankings on the screen before entering the hall.

For the disciples of the Mist Palace, this was a glorious place.

"Three hundred and seventy-nine times? Who created this record?"

"Am I dreaming?"

"Could it be Zen?"

Most of the warriors present didn't have the qualifications to participate in Passing the Torch, but some of them guessed that it was Zen.

After all, news of the competition in Passing the Torch had already spread throughout the Mist Palace. Even those warriors who didn't have the qualifications to join Passing the Torch had heard about the show

"These two are so lucky. I'm so envious of them."

But they could do nothing. If they could achieve results like Zen and Layla, they, too, would be highly valued by the Spring Fragrance Pavilion and the Gauze Pavilion.

After joining the Gauze Pavilion, each warrior was presented a Gauze Token. With this token, one could travel freely through the alliance's supreme worlds. No one was allowed to intercept them. Moreover, as long as they were in the alliance's territory, they would be able to obtain help by showing their Gauze Token.

Traveling through the supreme worlds was not an easy task for many warriors. Traversing several supreme worlds often meant an expensive price—the toll for travelling within a supreme world as well as travelling between two supreme worlds was enough to consume the life savings of an ordinary warrior. Zen still had many things to do in the supreme worlds. If this token solved so many problems, he naturally would not refuse it.

Sometime later, Lincoln, who had fought with Zen in Passing the Torch, finally arrived at the Mist Palace.

He had rushed straight to the Mist Palace after he was freed.

He had spent nearly two months reaching this place due to the unimaginably long distance between supreme worlds.

After reuniting with Layla, Lincoln asked his sister whether Zen was still in the Mist Palace.

This made her curious as to why her brother was so concerned about Zen's whereabouts.

In her eyes, Zen was nothing more than the defeated opponent of her brother.

But Lincoln had told her that he was only able to obtain his freedom because Zen had let him win.

Layla was surprised to hear this. She recalled Zen's indifferent smile and finally understood everything. She was now completely convinced that he was stronger than her in every aspect, be it talent or strength.

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