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   Chapter 1413 Crack (Part Two)

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The warriors of the Mist Palace were very diligent.

To any cultivator, being given a chance to enter the Mist Palace was enough to make them proud among their entire generation.

However, after these so called talented warriors from supreme worlds gathered there, they discovered that their past pride and power were nothing compared to what was on display in the Mist Palace.

Early in the morning, a warrior named Gorman Gao, carrying his maple-leaf spear, entered the Sword Practicing Hall. He had once been the absolute pride of his family. Ever since he had become a warrior, he had been surrounded by envious gazes from all of his relatives.

After successfully joining an eighth-grade sacred place, his remarkable ability had quickly attracted the attention of a tenth-grade sacred place. Then he was brought to that tenth-grade sacred place, and had even taken the lord of the sacred place as his master. Afterwards, his master had tried every means possible to succeed in sending him to the Mist Palace.

Gorman Gao had thought that with his great talent, he would definitely be able to become one of the most powerful warriors in the Mist Palace. Yet his dreams had come crashing down on him.

After arriving there, he had begun to feel self-abased and disappointed. He had once been proud of himself for activating a Lotus Flower with one lotus petal. It was a symbol of surpassing the heavens. But he saw that there were numerous warriors of the Mist Palace who could activate even more petals of the Lotus Flowers, and he was a nobody among them. He even didn't have the qualifications to take part in Passing the Torch.

However, a talent should not just be arrogant. After adjusting his attitude, Gorman Gao had fo


But now, Gorman Gao was very astonished to discover an endless crack which stretched for countless thousands of miles. He had no idea what had happened in here.

Thinking about this, he left the Illusion Space. He then walked to a corner of the Sword Practicing Hall. There was a tall curtain hanging at the corner of the hall.

All attacks at the Golden-silver Demon Mountain were recorded on the curtain.

Gorman Gao didn't know the exact calculation method to calculate someone's strength, but in theory, it should have been based on the reference base of an early-stage Illuminating Soul Realm warrior. Perhaps this measurement method wasn't particularly accurate, but it could easily be used as a reference.

With a single attack, Gorman Gao could achieve an effect three times as much as that of an early-stage Illuminating Soul Realm warrior. In other words, his one attack was equal to three times the strength of such a basic reference warrior.

However, this kind of result was not a good one. In any case, he wanted to figure out just how powerful the attacking strength of the warrior who had left such a terrifying mark was.

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