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   Chapter 1412 Crack (Part One)

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The day Landry had comprehended thirty percent of the Gods-intimidating Strike was one to be remembered. The explosive power he had unleashed had also shaken many palace leaders who were also there.

Those who were almost as powerful as world lords were not afraid of Landry's sword attack, but they still were quite jealous of him. To their dismay, they had just found out that even a Spirit Supreme Realm warrior like Landry with no great talent in himself was able to unleash such power.

On the other hand, Zen's strike was an almost complete move of the Gods-intimidating Strike.

Although, in terms of pure swordsmanship, he did not dare to call himself a master, but he was still quite confident in himself. This was a sword skill created by a Supreme Lord and he did not have the qualifications to evaluate it too much.

However, by relying on his own insights into the sword intent of Supreme Lord Sword, he was able to unleash almost ninety percent of the Gods-intimidating Strike's power... Such power was unbearable.

To put matters into perspective, he simply could not release ninety percent of the power. If he were to do so, this entire supreme world would have been cut in half!

As a response to his attack, a faint sword intent flew out at an extremely fast pace. At the beginning, it did not seem to be shocking at all. In fact, after the sword intent had entered the endless golden and silvery mountain, it disappeared without a trace.

Zen was looking as calm as the eye of the storm, but there was a hint of confusion on his face. What was going on?

His strike did not seem to be too powerful if evaluated purely in terms of power.

Could it be that he hadn't completely comprehended the Gods-intimidating Strike?

He had of course

oud rumbling sound suddenly reverberated throughout the entire Illusion Space!

This enormous golden and silvery mountain had been transformed from an eighth-grade divine texture and reinforced by sixty thousand auxiliary divine textures. It was modelled on the legendary Golden-silver Demon Mountain. Both its height and width were far beyond Zen's imagination.

If he were to climb up as fast as he could from the foot of the mountain, he would probably have to climb for a year or so to reach the peak. If the mountain was placed horizontally on the ground and if a ground to hold it existed, it might take up several great worlds...

Since the Illusion Space was extremely spacious and endless, such a huge mountain could easily be formed by the divine textures and placed there. When Zen had entered this Illusion Space, he couldn't see the peak or the bottom of the mountain because of its unimaginable size.

The rumbling sounds that had started after Zen left continued for several hours.

Zen had entered the Illusion Space around midnight, but the rumbling sounds had not stopped for a long time. They lasted all the way until the sun had risen in the morning.

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