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   Chapter 1411 The Sword Practicing Hall

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They would never have believed that a miracle would really come if it were not for the sudden appearance of those sword clouds.

It was surreal, to say the least. They had stayed there for tens of thousands of years holding onto the hope that one day, a miracle would appear and absolve them of all the hardship they had endured. It wasn't easy. Such a long time of waiting was sure to weaken any person's resolve no matter how strong their will was when they started. All those years waiting had made them forget just exactly what kind of miracle they were waiting for.

Until, of course, the sword clouds arrived. It was truly that miracle, coupled with their long-standing suffering of waiting here for tens of thousands of years, that resulted in their comprehension of around thirty-percent of the Gods-intimidating Strike. That alone, however, was not enough to assure them of greatness. Their old age and subpar talents would still make it difficult for them to achieve great things in the future.

Thousands and thousands of years were wasted just meditating by the huge stone. They had completely neglected nurturing their inner world and consolidating their cultivation base.

Still, these two had enough knowledge between them to make a name for themselves at some lower ranked sacred place somewhere.

In fact, their futures weren't half-bad. The slightly younger warrior, Damian Xu, would go on to become an elder of a certain great sect. The warrior named Landry Chen, on the other hand, would become a swordsmanship master who would eventually impart his understanding of the Gods-intimidating Strike to the younger generation.

Layla tilted her head as she looked at Zen. "How much were you able to assimilate?" she asked with a sly smile.

"To be honest, not much," Zen replied with a shake of his head.

Layla sighed. "I think I grasped around fifteen percent of the Gods-intimidating Strike. It's unfortunate that this kind of skill is incompatible with my state of mind, which means it's going to be harder for me to master it."

Her words were humble but there was that underlying tone of pride in her voice. Majority of the warriors, after all, were only able to grasp five to ten percent. Layla was probably the one who was able to absorb the most knowledge.

Nevertheless, she still couldn't hope to be on par with Zen.

Despite what he had said, Zen had almost completely mastered this sword skill.

He had already swallowed those white sword shadows and honed his sword intent prior to the arrival of the clouds. The Gods-intimidating Strike now felt as if it was custom-made for him.

One shouldn't be mistaken though. It wasn't purely by just absorbing those white sword shadows that he was able to fully comprehend the skill. A few years ago, back when Zen was still a nature creature, he was able to learn the most valuable of all lessons: the greatest truths were the simplest, and so were the great

now! It was truly too bad that there was nobody here in the Mist Palace he could ask to try this skill on.

Wasting no time, Zen quickly unsheathed his Thunder Wind Divine Sword and pointed the tip towards the enormous mountain range!

This simple movement caused such a great difference in his aura. It felt as if Zen's gaze alone would be enough to cut through rock and split this entire mountain range!

"The Gods-intimidating Strike is unable to gather momentum…

I have to brandish the sword the moment I raise my hand.

No momentum, no hesitation… I must forget my emotions. This mentality has already been tainted with a trace of divinity..."

According to legend, it was only when one forgot emotions that they could become a True God. Supreme Lord Sword had done this very thing: he threw away all emotions in order to create this one, powerful sword strike.

This kind of mentality was overwhelmingly wondrous. Zen felt as if he was able to grasp it momentarily before it suddenly slipped out of his mind in the blink of an eye.

This was normal. An epiphany was always something that came and went instantly. Ideas were fleeting and warriors would often have to work hard in grasping their slippery conclusions time and time again. It was okay since Zen was only intending to practice the move for the time being. The epiphany might be quick and slippery but it was sure to come back again in the future.

As Zen threw all hesitation aside, his sword intent flashed and emitted a faint light as it shot out from his long sword...

The sword intent was uncontrollable as it constantly spread throughout the space but that was the point! It should not and did not need to be controlled! Zen could only follow his own comprehension as he thrust the sword towards the direction of the mountain range!

He quickly felt a tremendous change in the sword intent. It seemed to have a mind of its own as it forged its own way with the attack...

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