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   Chapter 1410 Thirty Percent

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The warriors on Willow Island wasted no time in comprehending the sword intent in the clouds.

The sword practitioners were able to comprehend the sword intent faster than the others owing to their natural advantage.

However, the saber and spear practitioners were not simply going to let this opportunity pass. Intents were similar and they could still seize this chance to comprehend each strike in the clouds.

Zen stood still and stared at the sky, lost in his thoughts for a moment. He smiled after he realized something.

'So that's why I found it so hard to control my sword intent after I tempered it.

This sword move…is a last resort move! Its aim is to kill in one shot. One must lay everything on the line in that one thrust, even his own life!

Such an extreme sword intent could only be matched by such an extreme move.'

The realization hit him like a ton of bricks.

The first step to comprehending a sword intent or practicing a cultivation method was learning how to control it. Only by turning the sword intent or cultivation method into one's own power, one could release the power to achieve his goals. Warriors had to practice martial arts step by step in order to grasp and control the higher levels of the cultivation method they practiced. The more a warrior was able to exercise control, the more power he would be able to use and release.

However, Supreme Lord Sword skipped this step altogether. He had abandoned all reasoning and simply performed this sword intent without any reason for control.

"The only way to compete with a True God is if one abandons all reason and simply throws it all in. Is that the reason why Supreme Lord Sword is said to be on par with the True God?" Zen couldn't help but mutter to himself.

His conclusion would've greatly pleased Supreme Lord Sword had he been standing beside him. A young man who had just managed to break through to the Soul Sea Realm was able to perfectly sum up things based only on the sword move Supreme Lord Sword performed.

Zen's baptism by Supreme Lord Sword's sword intent meant that his comprehension speed was much faster than anyone else.

At that moment, Willow Island stood at a complete standstill.

The warriors below the thick clouds were determined to utilize every second in comprehending the sword intent carried by the clouds.

Two hours…

Twenty hours…

Two days…

It wasn't until three days later that the sword clouds gradually faded away and revealed the purple sky. This magnificent sight was the result of the blue heavens reflecting off the waters of the Orange Sea World.

A few warriors remained where they stoo

ehend thirty!

Those leaders looked sullen. How could such an old Spirit Supreme Realm warrior comprehend so much more than those mighty talented leaders? It didn't make any sense!

None of them considered the fact that this old man had spent sixty thousand years just sitting by the stone and trying to comprehend the intent hidden within the words left behind by Supreme Lord Sword.

His intensive studying had paid off and Landry, along with Damian, had gotten so much more insight than even the Sunset World lord!


a sharp, shrill sound emanated from the tip of Landry's sword.

This strike contained mere thirty-percent of Supreme Lord Sword's power but the results were frightening. To put into perspective: a Spirit Supreme Realm warrior's power could never hope to compare to this mere thirty-percent strike.

The cracked sword pierced through the huge stone, and left it crumbling under its power! This rock had been bigger than a mountain but it immediately cracked and crumbled into pieces as it collapsed.

The sight overwhelmed Landry whose eyes began to tear up.

He had already given up all hope of ever achieving anything in his life after staying in this place for thousands of years.

Like all the other warriors who had chosen to stay here, despite knowing that it was a dead end, all he could do was meditate and hope that an event such as this would come one day.

A vast majority of warriors had already given up or were driven away due to the Orange Sea World's exploration. Only Landry and Damian stubbornly remained and even ended up shelling a huge amount just to stay there.

They had been hopeless, waiting for their Five Aging Processes to come and their lifespans to end. However, the day was yet to come.

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