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   Chapter 1409 Gods-intimidating Strike

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Tribulation was harsh. Not everyone was lucky enough to survive it, so it was rare for a warrior to continuously undergo it.

Even Zen himself hadn't thought that he could trigger five consecutive small Heavenly Tribulations.

Fortunately, his physical body had advanced once again. With his unimaginably strong luck, it wasn't that hard for him to deal with the tribulations.

Zen's cultivation had rapidly increased after experiencing the Heavenly Tribulations.

He was currently a warrior at the tenth level of the Life and Death Realm already.

Strictly speaking, the Life and Death Realm didn't have a tenth level. It was because once someone had entered the sixth level of the Life and Death Realm, their life vitality would liquefy continuously. The longer this process took, the more perfect the Soul Sea formed inside their body would be.

After the warriors reached the tenth level of the Life and Death Realm, their life vitality would quickly liquefy and form a flawless Soul Sea. This meant that they actually had reached the Soul Sea Realm.

However, Zen's situation was a bit special.

Layla's and Javier's elixir fields were naturally evolving into their Soul Seas.

Zen had also attempted to check his own elixir field after he passed the tenth level of the Life and Death Realm. He wanted to see if the chaotic energy inside him had successfully evolved into his Soul Sea.

When Zen's master had taught him the Primal Chaos Technique, his master had deduced that since the chaotic energy was the essence that formed the universe, it should also be able to form the Soul Sea. But different from the sea of life vitality, the Soul Sea created by chaotic energy would be a true world.

A warrior could gradually nurture a world inside his body once the Soul Sea opened up at the Soul Sea Realm. From there, all kinds of creatures would be nurtured, forming a new country, a new society, and a completely new culture.

However, there was a law which governed such a world. Any creature that was raised in it was not allowed to leave its premises. If they left, the laws of that world would prevent them by disintegrating them into life vitality again.

This specific rule was also the strongest Law of Causality in the universe. So far, no one had been able to break this rule.

There was an abundant supply of legends and stories that were passed down in the supreme worlds. Among them was a tale about a Supreme Lord who fell in love with a woman nurtured in his inner world.

The Supreme Lord had thought of many ways to bring the woman out of his inner world. And so, he had spent thousands of years traveling throughout the universe to find a solu

thers followed suit.

One by one, the palace leaders, even Yolande and the old man in cotton clothes began to focus on the clouds.

While Zen and the others couldn't move as fast as the palace leaders and world lord who could teleport, they weren't slow either. They quickly rushed as well and when they saw the sky upon arrival, they immediately understood what was happening.

Someone must have triggered the secret left behind by Supreme Lord Sword.

At this point, no one really cared about who exactly had done it and how they triggered it. No one wanted to miss out on such a great chance. They all raised their heads and tried to understand the sword intent as much as they could.

Zen's eyes moved to look at the figures in the clouds. His jaw dropped, and his gaze became slightly dazed.

This strike was quite similar to Zen's No Move. In fact, they were even indistinguishable.

But of course, they were still greatly different in nature.

They were both only one strike, and both were created under the principle that the greatest truths were the simplest. However, Supreme Lord Sword's move was a lot fiercer than Zen's.

Zen's No Move couldn't be broken because it had no fixed form. Meanwhile, Supreme Lord Sword's strike couldn't be broken either, but it was because it had an extremely fixed form.

So even with the same principle, the two strikes were vastly different due to the completely different methods.

However, it had to be said that Supreme Lord Sword was superior. This Supreme Lord with the title of "Sword" was one of the martial arts ancestors when it came to comprehending sword moves.

Still, Zen had an advantage. Since he understood the No Move, it was easier for him to grasp the depth and intensity of the Gods-intimidating Strike.

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