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   Chapter 1408 Endless Heavenly Tribulations

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The appearance of the space windstorm that set off Yolande's attack had to be more than mere coincidence.

However, no one had the means of explaining how such a force emerged and why it had deflected Yolande's hit.

The other martial artists were fixated on Zen and failed to notice what had just happened. It was one enigma after another. How was Zen able to dodge the Heavenly Tribulation? Not one lightning ray had touched him since it had started. Then there was the leader of the Mist Palace striking out her palm towards him, and the next thing they knew, a strange space windstorm had materialized.

They were at a loss as they struggled to put the fragments of the puzzle together.

Amidst the warriors' confusion, Layla stood on one side, silent and pensive, as if she was trying to figure something out.

Her feet lightly tapped the ground, causing cracks to appear beneath her feet. With a barely noticeable wave of her finger, a small stone shot up from the ground.

She grabbed the stone and threw it straight at Zen's direction.

The stone was not large in size, but it moved towards Zen in an overwhelming speed. In a matter of seconds, it had arrived in front of him.


Just as it was about to hit him, another bolt of lightning struck at his side, smashing the stone into pieces…

From where she stood, a faint smile played on Yolande's lips. "It seems that Zen's luck has now reached unimaginable heights. It's almost as if he is invincible," she said.

The Sunset World lord also smiled helplessly at the unexplainable coincidences that kept happening one after another. That Zen had indeed increased his luck when he had absorbed the Luck-devouring Snakes. That might be the most plausible conjecture as of the moment...

The Upper World held a number of methods that could temporarily change one's luck. The effects of these techniques, however, were minimal at best. For instance, there was the "prayer for fortune" in a secret sect, and there existed divine weapons that could increase one's luck. The Sunset World lord, Yolande, and the others, viewed these methods and items as charms that had more to do with psychological effects than actual changes in one's fortune. The changes, if there were any, remained obscure and were yet to be defined.

However, the scene in front of him was different and defied all logic…

Zen's luck had undeniably changed after he absorbed the Luck-devouring Snakes.

With this much luck, it was as if god himself was in Zen's favor.

There had already been more than enough proof. The probability of a space windstorm appearing on Willow Island was close to none - perhaps only about one in a hundred trillion. Even more so was the chance of it arriving at the exact same time with Yolanda's strike.

However, the Sunset World lord had witnessed both things happen in front of his very own eyes.

"It's a bit of a waste that he is only able to use his luck this way," he said, shaking his head regretfully. It was a pity that those Luck-devouring Snakes couldn't be restored. Had Zen saved one or two of them, he would probably have greater use for them in the futur

Heavenly Tribulation was truly bound to appear, or perhaps it was Zen's great luck that called it forth.

As the shadow of the Lotus Flower reappeared, the eighth small Heavenly Tribulation descended…

Zen sighed as a wry smile appeared on his face. He couldn't believe his eyes. With how things were turning out, he was no longer sure if his fortune was a blessing or a curse.

"To undergo three Heavenly Tribulations consecutively…"

"This man...He has risen from the fifth to the eighth level of the Life and Death Realm in less than four hours. "

Many of the martial artists stared at the flower's shadow, all of them speechless.

It was uncommon to see someone undergo two consecutive Heavenly Tribulations, but it was not entirely unheard of. For a martial artist to experience three Heavenly Tribulations in a row, however, was something else.

Zen steeled himself to face the next round of tribulation. Another hour passed…

"Four consecutive small Heavenly Tribulations?"

"After he finishes this round, his cultivation will be at the ninth level of the Life and Death Realm!"

"With this progress, is he going to break into the Soul Sea Realm?"

"If you remember, this Zen had taken the Tenth Tribulation Introducing Pill. Could it be due to this that these Heavenly Tribulations were triggered?"

"There seems to be no end to it!"

As Zen looked at the terrifying power of the Heavenly Tribulation condensing in the sky, he didn't know how to respond. What the others said was true. The tribulations indeed seemed to be endless. Truthfully, he was anxious to increase his own cultivation - he wanted to see what he would be capable of after he created his own Soul Sea with his chaotic energy.

However, he did not expect things to happen this quickly.

Another hour later, Zen stared at the shadow of the Lotus Flower above his head with blank eyes. The Lotus Flower had only bloomed thirty five leaves, with nine leaves in the lower layer, and twenty six leaves on the upper layer. The last leaf had remained closed, and the tenth Heavenly Tribulation was coming...

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